About Alas

I’m a former GM and current peon, who strongly believes that Mages are the best class in¬†existence. I’m currently on Moonrunner-US and spend most of time in game either working towards end-game objectives on my main or taking a break on my small army of alts.

I’ve been playing since late Vanilla and have been on three servers and in four guilds during that time. The two guilds I’ve clocked the most time in were also the two guilds of which I was a GM. Presently, I believe my days of leadership are behind me. Hopefully forever.

You’ll never find a useful guide or a serious discussion on theorycrafting here. I mainly talk about what I’m doing in the game, my deranged thoughts on leadership and random stuff that has more to do with my real life than it does anything else. I also sometimes misappropriate various works of literature and give them a WoW twist. Through all this, I pretty much think I am funnier than I actually am.