I remember a time when I thought I would never run out of things I wanted to do in WoW. I envisioned being able to play it for years and years without ever running out of characters to level or professions to be maxxed out or new skills to master. I thought I would be playing until they turned off the last server and decided for me that it was all over.

These days, I don’t have the same mindset at all. I’m starting to analyze the signs and wonder what they all point to. Or, more accurately, when they all point to my eventually quitting the game.

Eff Twitter

There are still ties that keep me around, no doubt. Part of it is centered around this blog and the blogging community I’ve come to know and love. Yet, Twitter has paled for me lately (quit talking politics, would you?) and the part of me that knows I am not very good at forming meaningful friendships is whispering to me that I have as many close friends as I am likely to walk away with.

Eff Alts

I’ve tried rolling alts on other servers, usually to say hey to bits and pieces of the community. But part of me certainly feels very much like what I can’t help but be: an outsider looking in. Alas 2.0 is 85 and I still don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in that guild outside of five or so people!

On my own home server, my alts are largely abandoned because I can’t bring myself to level through that same abbreviated content again and what good will it do me anyway? I have always leveled alts with an eye towards being very self-sufficient for raiding, but this expansion has changed things. My druid farms on occasion, gathering up herbs and ore. The herbs go to the guild bank so the raiding portion of the guild can have cauldrons. The ore goes to Rhii’s alt more often than not, so I can have gems cut for Alas. I’ve also shipped enough ore in At’s direction to make him feel he owes me some trade in enchanting mats. But with guild perks being what they are, the bank can easily afford to pay for raider’s enchants.

The point of all that being, I don’t need or enjoy my alts anymore. And what little they can bring to the table isn’t worth it anymore.

Eff Achievements

Achievement hunting has paled. I can’t be arsed to chase points for the sake of points. I went for the flame bird thing in a completely lackadaisical fashion, but having got that, I haven’t touched the MF dailies except to lend firepower to At, who is still working through them even more slowly than I did.

I know no one cares about this shit, but to me, it’s all indicative of how little I can bring myself to care about the things I used to in WoW. My eye is starting to stray towards other MMO’s, though with very little conviction for most of them. I still have no interest in Rift.

The tl;dr is thus (eff all the things):

I am growing tired of WoW and wonder what other people do when they need a big step back. And, as a follow up question, raiders, is getting through Firelands noteworthy for you or are you just punching the clock before the next patch?

And, goddamn it, how many other people think they will more than likely quit in disgust if the next expansion has even one thing to do with Pandaria?

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So you want to be a GM? (part 2)

You can see Part One of this series here.

Once you know exactly what type of guild you want to run and have established your charter and set of rules, the next thing you’ll need to consider as a potential GM is who you actually want to have in your guild.

This is a lesson I feel that I took much too long to learn. First I learned that not everyone out there looking for a guild really cares what sort of guild they get into. By this I mean that your potential peons might only have expectations for one aspect of your guild and will see that you want to raid, maybe, and completely skim over the fact that you intend to raid the Vanilla content as God intended, capped at 60 and wearing pre-Outlands gear. Or, more likely, that you intend to have maybe three hours of raiding in a given week and they are expecting three hours every night.

Even worse, perhaps your idea of raiding schedules line up, but the mindset behind that schedule doesn’t. Where your six hours a week of raiding meets their desired play schedule, perhaps their drive for progression falls far short of what you intend for the pace to be.

Putting raiding aside, maybe they are expecting expecting a certain type of environment or guild culture based entirely off of a stray word here or there in your charter.

So before you type /ginvite, here’s some things to consider:

Do you need a formal application process?

Chances are if you are raiding, you will want to have some idea of what the potential raider coming into your guild might be like. This goes not only for the nuts and bolts of spec and skill and experience, but many guilds have a certain culture and it is important that all their members can fit into that culture to at least some degree.

While a more social guild might not need their members to be approved pending an application, interview, discussion behind closed forum doors about the applicant and an FBI-level background check, it’s still a good idea to take the time to get to know a bit about the person wanting to join. Why do they want to join? what do they prefer to do in game? Do they like cake or pie?

I’ve made mistakes in this area as recently as within the past few months. In the heyday of Eff the Ineffable forming up, invitations were being issued every day, often several times a day. Once, I made the mistake of inviting first and asking after the fact where the person had heard about us. After all, we were getting readers of several bloggers rolling up alts and wanting to come hang out with some regularity.

It turned out that the druid in question just liked the guild name, had no idea about any of us being bloggers and, in a fit of awkwardness because I had no idea what to do about it, I ignored the situation and the player until they gquit in the night a few days later.

So much for my leadership brilliance. The point is, don’t be a goon like I’ve been, and really think about the depth of the knowledge you would need to have about a person before inviting them and then set in place whatever mechanisms or people you’ll need to make that happen.

(For the record, being a rather democratic guild, Eff now will allow casuals and raiders in as trial members until such a time as we have three people willing to vouch for them and, in the case of raiders, have seen them perform in two raid settings. Our vouchers may not be married to each other, nor be the person who provided the connection to the guild. Because even if I like Zel, I might hate her friends, so it could potentially suck if she and Gnoble could both vote someone in that everyone else more or less hated.)

Who do you trust to be able to invite people in?

Maybe you’re a control freak. Maybe you’re a suspicious and reserved person. Maybe you want yourself to be the final say on who is or is not allowed in your guild. To a certain extent, that is true, but if you ever want to take a night off to go to the movies or, even worse, take a vacation, you’re going to have to spread that invite ability around.

Having a trial period certainly comes in handy here, but it’s still always a good idea to be able to share out responsibility and power with people you can trust. Is there a guy in your guild who can predict with uncanny accuracy how long a new member might be staying or whether or not everyone else in the guild will accept them? Or do you have someone who is really good at communicating the intricacies of the guild culture and who likes to be chatting with new people all the time? If you have either, use it if you can.

If you don’t, it’s time to start thinking about the trial period and what to do if it doesn’t work out.

It’s not us, it’s you

A trial period will terminate in one of two ways: the person is a great fit and becomes such a solid member of the guild that you can scarcely recall a time when they weren’t around OR it becomes apparent to some degree that the person is somehow wrong for what your guild is looking for and needs to be cut loose.

Have you ever thought about how delightfully awkward it can be to try to tell someone that they’re really not a good fit for the guild and the guild doesn’t want them? It’s not very delightful, but it can be freakishly awkward. Particularly when you don’t have a clear statement anywhere about how your trial period termination process goes.

In Eff now, if I can’t get three people to vouch for Mr Retpants, it’s easy (relatively) to say, “Well, look, you didn’t pass the trial period. Thanks so much for your time and I do hope you find a guild that will better suit you.”

Contrast that to the time when, as an officer way back in the day, I was the only one willing to try to explain to the guy who had been gkicked (while he was offline!) that everyone pretty much thought he was an ass, and tell me which way sounds better.

Other Pitfalls

The biggest pitfall I can think of is taking my half-baked and very specific examples and deciding that if you think about the points I mentioned here, you’ll be golden. I’m being rather vague deliberately because what works for me probably won’t work for you. Taking on leadership of a guild is not a small thing, and I want to encourage anyone thinking of doing so, to really take the time to think about all the angles for themselves.

Couples. I can’t say how many times we have a had a couple join either of my guilds and while one half seemed like a great fit, the other half was very much not. Most people are going to insist on playing with their significant others who also play, but the degree seems to be somewhat flexible. Nail down in advance what their interests are and, in the case of raiders, make it clear if you won’t always be able to roster them together or won’t roster the clearly non-raider half at all.

I’ve also seen more than one couple think that because they are two people, their wishes carry more weight or they have something to hold over leadership’s head. If you don’t do x for my spouse then we’re leaving. When the person doing the threatening is a very talented raider, it can be tempting to give in, but don’t do it. The more you can make it clear that you will consider each person as an individual when making decisions, the less likely they are to try to pull that sort of crap with you.

A couple attempting to throw their weight around in such a fashion is the small version of a clique of a friends. I cannot tell you how often, in the old guild, we allowed whole groups of people to join at once. I’m not saying groups like this can’t integrate, but they are very unlikely to do so. Chances are much better you will actually see them find some portion of your own guild to bring into their circle. It can get very messy from there. I’ve never seen one of these groups actually stick around for very long, and they have always left in the wake of having stirred up some behind the scenes drama by complaining only within their group about something they didn’t like.

In closing

Be very choosy about who you let into your guild. It’s easier to say no when they’re still outside than it is to forcibly remove a bad fit.

Next time I gain even partial coherency, I’ll be talking about guild requirements, such as attendance, addons and authenticators.

I didn’t mention this in the last installment, but for any smarter or more good looking GM’s out there (so, all of you), please feel free to jump in and correct anywhere you think I’m wrong or amplify where you think I was too vague. I’ll never pretend to have all the answers, so I honestly won’t be offended.

And special thanks to Rades for pre-reading these and giving me even more ideas for future installments!

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This seems dangerous

Alas finally managed to lay hands on a a new weapon this past weekend and, after getting it enchanted and reforged, wandered off to try to kill more things. Being the stats-centric person that I am, I didn’t really bother to look at the staff until the following night when I was waiting for people to stop trying to die.

It's like a mini crotch pot. On my back.

Is it just me or does that seem… rather reckless? Considering her hair never moves, I think Alas must hairspray the shit out of it, and carrying around a little pot of lava makes it seem rather as though she is just asking for it.

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Darcy can’t be bothered to look at your pathetic mana pools

Chapter 31

Colonel Fitzwilliam’s manners were very much admired by the visiting alts, and they all felt that he must add considerably to the pleasures of their engagements at <Rosings>. It was some days, however, before they received any invitation thither—for while there were visitors of raiding level on the server, they could not be necessary; and it was not till almost a week after the gentlemen’s arrival, that they were honoured by such an attention, and then they were merely asked on logging on to come to a Kara run for nostalgia’s sake in the evening. For the last week they had seen very little of Lady Catherine or her daughter. Colonel Fitzwilliam had spoken in guild chat more than once during the time, but Mr. Darcy they had seen only at raid time.

The invitation was accepted of course, and at a proper hour they joined the party and made their way to the dungeon entrance. Her ladyship received them civilly, but it was plain that their company was by no means so acceptable as when she could get nobody else; and she was, in fact, almost engrossed by the raiders, speaking to them, especially to Darcy, much more than to any other person in the raid.

Colonel Fitzwilliam seemed really glad to see them; anything was a welcome relief to him at <Rosings>; and Charlotte’s pretty friend had moreover caught his fancy very much. He now sent her tells, and talked so agreeably of raiding and farming, of crafting and dailies, of playing the auction house and questing, that Elizabeth had never been half so well entertained on that server before; and they conversed with so much spirit and flow, as to draw the attention of Lady Catherine herself, as well as of Mr. Darcy, by means of their inattention to the raid. Darcy had been soon and repeatedly turned towards them with a look of curiosity; and that her ladyship, after a while, shared the feeling, was more openly acknowledged, for she did not scruple to call out over Vent:

“What is that you are doing, Fitzwilliam? Why aren’t you here interrupting these casters? Why do you and Elizabeth keeping lagging behind or running into walls? Raiding is serious business even when we do overpower the content.”

“We are speaking of crafting, madam,” said he, when no longer able to avoid a reply.

“Of crafting! Then pray speak aloud. It is of all subjects my delight. I must have my share in the conversation if you are speaking of crafting. There are few people in the world, I suppose, who have more true enjoyment of crafting than myself, or a better natural ability to level tailoring. If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient at blacksmithing as well. And so would Anne, if her play style had allowed her to apply. I am confident that she would have performed delightfully. How does Georgiana get on, Darcy?”

Mr. Darcy spoke with affectionate praise of his sister’s proficiency.

“I am very glad to hear such a good account of her,” said Lady Catherine; “and pray tell her from me, that she cannot expect to excel if she does not farm a good deal.”

“I assure you, madam,” he replied, “that she does not need such advice. She farms quite regularly.”

“So much the better. It cannot be done too much; and when I next write to her, I shall charge her not to neglect it on any account. I often tell people that no excellence in crafting is to be acquired without constant farming. I have told Elizabeth several times, that she will never maximize her professions unless she farm more; and though Charlotte has no ability to farm effectively, she is very welcome, as I have often told her, to take mats from the guild vault, and pay back the guild at 75 per cent of auction house prices.”

Mr. Darcy made no answer and an uncomfortable silence settled over Vent.

When the raid was over, Colonel Fitzwilliam reminded Elizabeth of having promised to heal a dungeon for him; and she agreed instantly to queue. Lady Catherine stayed in Vent, and talked, as before, to Mr Darcy; till he interrupted her with an offer to tank or dps for the random dungeon. Elizabeth saw what he was doing, and at the first convenient pause, said:

“You mean to frighten me, Mr. Darcy, by coming in all this state to see me heal on an undergeared alt? I will not be alarmed though your sister does heal so well. There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

“I shall not say you are mistaken,” he replied, “because you could not really believe me to entertain any design of alarming you; and I have had the pleasure of your acquaintance long enough to know that you find great enjoyment in occasionally professing opinions which in fact are not your own.”

Elizabeth laughed heartily at this picture of herself, and said to Colonel Fitzwilliam, “Mr. Darcy will give you a very pretty notion of me, and teach you not to believe a word I say. I am particularly unlucky in meeting with a person so able to expose my real character, on a server where I had hoped to pass myself off with some degree of credit. Indeed, Mr. Darcy, it is very ungenerous in you to mention all that you knew to my disadvantage —and, give me leave to say, very impolitic too—for it is provoking me to retaliate, and such things may come out as will shock these guildies to hear.”

“Lolwut,” said he, smilingly.

“Pray let me hear what you have to accuse him of,” cried Colonel Fitzwilliam. “I should like to know how he behaves among strangers.”

“You shall hear then—but prepare yourself for something very dreadful. The first time of my ever seeing him on my server, you must know, was at a raid—and at this raid, what do you think he did? He tanked wholly without speaking, though our knowledge of the fights was scarce; and, to my certain knowledge, more than one healer was sitting down in want of mana when he would pull half a room. Mr. Darcy, you cannot deny the fact.”

“I had not at that time the honour of knowing the GearScore of anyone in the raid beyond my own party.”

“True; and nobody can ever trouble to look at their raiding frames. Well, Colonel Fitzwilliam, what do I queue for next? My fingers wait your orders.”

“Perhaps,” said Darcy, “I should have judged better, had I looked at my frames; but I am well-geared and we did not wipe on my account.”

“Shall we ask Mr. Darcy the reason of this?” said Elizabeth, still addressing Colonel Fitzwilliam. “Shall we ask him why a man of sense and education, and who has lived in the world and downloaded many an addon, did not look at raid frames?”

“I can answer your question,” said Fitzwilliam, “without applying to him. It is because he will not give himself the trouble.”

“I certainly have not the talent which some people possess,” said Darcy, “of raiding easily with those I have never seen before. I cannot catch their level of expertise, or appear interested in their concerns, as I often see done.”

“My fingers,” said Elizabeth, “do not click my mouse buttons in the masterly manner which I am given to understand so many leet raider’s do. They have not the same force or rapidity, and do not produce the same results. But then I have always supposed it to be my own fault—because I will not take the trouble of capping VP. It is not that I do not believe my fingers as capable as any other healer’s of superior execution.”

Darcy smiled and said, “You are perfectly right. You have employed your time much better. No one admitted to the privilege of having you heal them can think anything wanting. We neither of us perform to strangers.”

Here they were interrupted by Lady Catherine, who came back to vent and demanded to know what they were talking of. Elizabeth immediately began healing again. Lady Catherine queued with them for the next, and, after playing for a few minutes, said to Darcy:

“Elizabeth would not play at all amiss if she practised more, and could have the advantage of understanding Elitist Jerks. She has a very good notion of healing, though her gear is not equal to Anne’s. Anne would have been a delightful raider, had her health allowed her to play more.”

Lady Catherine continued her remarks on Elizabeth’s performance, mixing with them many instructions on execution and spell choice. Elizabeth received them with all the forbearance of civility, and, at the request of the gentlemen, remained for yet one more random before calling it a night.

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Dispelling the myth: DPS ain’t easy

I’m sick of hearing tanks and healers talk like they’ve got the hardest jobs in the game and generally behaving as though DPS are a bunch of slack-jawed yokels who don’t do anything except mindlessly press the same handful of buttons over and over again, probably while drooling.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely respect that healing and tanking can be difficult and a lot of pressure. But someone needs to stand up and point out that DPS is not so easy that you could set your cat free to frolic across the keyboard and expect to see stellar results.

I’ve done some tanking and healing and I have a fair idea of how much work goes into being good at either role. Neither of them are roles I prefer though, so I have never bothered to try to be any better than what is needed to tank or heal a random heroic or (before this expansion anyway) the occasional raid.

In fact, in all my years of playing WoW, I’ve never stopped loving my mage – even when people laughed and said, “Oh, you’re an arcane mage? Doesn’t seem like it would be very fun to push the same button over and over.”

It wouldn’t be very fun if that’s all there was to it. Fortunately for me, there’s quite a lot more to keep track of than just my mana bar.

Utility: I has it

For those who aren’t aware, mages are utility machines. We have solid CC without any rotten lengthy cooldowns or inability to use out of combat. We have an interrupt (which does have a rotten lengthy cooldown). We can de-curse the accursed among us. And we can steal things and turn them against the mobs we stole them from.

Take into account our additional extra CC of Ring of Frost, the way we gently float people down from high places and our bags of tricks that can be employed to increase our own survivability, increase DPS and even heal ourselves in a pinch, and you might begin to understand that we are very, very far indeed from spamming one button over and over.

But here’s the thing: I’ve been sheeping and silencing and stealing for years now and, until recently, even I never fully realized just how often I am interrupting my own DPS rotation in order to bring that utility to the group.

The thing that did make me realize how often I am doing things beyond DPS is that I finally stopped relying on my own internal timer to know when to re-sheep a mob (though that was pretty damn accurate, I sometimes missed an early break or wouldn’t be immediately aware some idiot had broken it) and downloaded DoTimer and RSA.

I’ve never taken the trouble to go through and tweak the settings in RSA and have instead just let the thing announce whatever it was set to announce by default. That’s when I started spamming the hell out of party chat in heroics.

That’s the sort of thing that renders me a bit embarrassed – not enough to actually change the settings, but enough to cringe when someone replies to “Alastriona: Stole [Remedy]!” with some comment about how that’s nice, as if they think I actually took the trouble to not only steal the spell, but also to write out an announcement that I had done so.

Bad DPS versus good DPS

And that, of course, is when I started paying enough attention to party chat in pugs to notice when other people were also running RSA, and what it said they were doing. And despite there being lots of other classes out there with a lot of utility, it’s not altogether very common to see DPS actually using all their tricks and abilities. (This sweeping statement is brought to you by Recount, which seemed to bear out these observations in a by-and-large fashion.)

So, yes, there are certainly DPS out there who do just sit and go through their rotation and can’t be arsed to get out of the bad, let alone get in a timely interrupt or help with cleansing something. Those are bad DPS, just like we all have seen bad tanks (who overpull or won’t taunt or….) and bad healers (who use inappropriate spells or spend 95% of their time in bear or kitty form [like the druid healer we had in ZG the other day] or…)

The point is, good DPS do not just stand in one place and do nothing more than go through a memorized damage rotation, relying on muscle memory and the efforts of others to compensate for their not bringing that ranged spellcaster in with a well-timed silence or for their standing in the bad.

There is a world of difference between a good DPSer’s job and a bad DPSer’s job. Anyone who wants to ignore that has obviously never made an honest attempt at being skilled in every facet of their DPS alt or offspec.

Now get off my lawn and go pwn the meters while also bringing all manner of utility to the table.



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My guildies don’t know better

So, we Effers are having yet another energetic discussion on the forums and I’ve been keeping very on top of it for a change (I’m at work but they don’t have anything for me to do…. so I am waiting? To see if something materializes? And I reckon no one can get upset with me for browsing the internet when they know I am waited to be handed something to do), which has prompted some actual posts and PMs from me.

In the last hour, people have misguidedly paid me compliments on my diplomatic prowess (I have none), approved of condescending posts I’ve written (well, I felt it was somewhat condescending) and told me I’m a really nice GM (I am not. I hate people).

This strikes me as hilarious.

So my new advertising target for the guild will be a call to people who must not have any idea what actual leadership ability looks like and who are prepared to admire my fumbling and groaning and incoherent shenanigans. You’ll fit in just fine here with the rest of these idiots precious little angels who think I have a clue.

The rest of you can just pity the fools.

On a more serious note, I think a really key factor to being able to deal with drama somewhat gracefully is to not take sides. (DUH) In the past, I’ve always sided more with one viewpoint than another, but having been somewhat disconnected from the game and the forums and the people due to real life considerations, I find I just cannot get all worked up about things the way I used to.

Diplomacy: telling both sides they’re wrong.

I think I can do that.

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Things that have annoyed me recently

My neighbors. There’s the one who insists on believing he is a drummer and gleefully bangs away for an hour or more every night. That shouldn’t be permitted in an apartment-style living situation. Especially if you’re so awful that it sounds like someone set a bunch of hyper chimps free with pots and pans and several hard surfaces to throw them against. Also on my list? The asshole who pulled up across the street at midnight and started honking every five seconds for about a minute. Lastly, there is the garage door below us that sounds like the goddamn Nazgûl have arrived every time it opens or closes.

That damned rooster. I don’t know where, exactly, the little bugger lives but I know that it’s close to where I live. And this damned rooster doesn’t just crow once at sunup, oh no. He is at it all the time. I’m tempted to get out there and commit murder most fowl.

All the assholes on the train. All I ask is that people mind my personal space and try not to get into an enclosed area smelling either as though they have not bathed in three months or have marinated nightly in a bath of floral perfume. Minding my personal space means don’t step on me, don’t stick your ass or crotch directly into my face and mind all your dangling shit. Getting repeatedly hit with your bag or laptop case or oversized gods be damned purse is not fun for me. If I push back, take the hint and take steps to correct things. The train is never so full that you can’t rest your backpack on the floor at your feet.

Kooky McRacistpants. Just because she is obnoxious. With the high pitched whispering and the smacky way she chews her gum and the way she acts surprised to see me every day.

People who don’t understand sarcasm. Look, if I make a snide comment to a healer about how I am going to take that hat because it has all that delicious spirit on it, don’t tell me spirit is a useless stat for mages. I think I know that better than you do and am just trying to get a rise out of Zel.

Related: people who think they know everything. Shut your gobs. Spare me the lectures.

Transmogrification. I’m happy you’re all happy and not trying to piss on anyone’s parade. If dress up is your thing, more power to you. It’s just overwhelming to hear about it all the time and see very little discussion about… really anything else.  

Related: my inability to get either of the two posts that I want to write to come out in a pleasing and coherent manner. I’ve made several stabs at them, thrown it all away and started over several times, but I’m no closer to having either of them finished. The fail is strong in this one.

Budgeting. Being an adult can be so tedious.

My hair. It’s just long enough that it gets on my neck and annoys the crap out of me and will fall in my eyes if I don’t pin it back. It’s just short enough that I can’t put it in a tail and forget about it. I yearn for the days when I rocked the fauxhawk because at least that was easy.

Lastly, that’s it’s only Friday morning and not Friday afternoon and I have a whole day of scanning paper one sheet at a time to look forward to. And the dream job still hasn’t called me. I swear I’ll be happier once I’m not suffering in temp monkey hell for 40 hours a week.

-Alas the Very Easily Annoyed

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Effers get drunk and murderous

We really do but that is a discussion for another day.

I wrote about Konfer Suicide Kings a while back and, while we are still using Suicide Kings as our loot system, we were having enough trouble getting that addon to sync properly that we decided to give another addon a try.

The only other addon I saw out on Curse when I went looking was Drunkard Suicide Kings. Gnoble and I both downloaded it and went to work playing with it.

To open the interface, all you need to do is type /dsk

Here's a picture in case that's too hard to understand

This is a very lightweight addon in terms of options. There are only three tabs to deal with: Normal loot, tokens and an import/export feature.

The Features

You don't get to see the token list because we haven't used it yet

This is pretty much the whole thing. To add members to a list, you can add them in one at a time by opening the list and selecting the member and clicking the add button. That is great for one-off situations, but for getting our whole list loaded in and in the same order we had in KSK, we simply copied the information from KSK into an Excel file and then imported it.

As a note of importance, you have to be master looter in a raid and be able to talk in your guild’s officer chat in order to do anything at all to these lists.

As for the rest of the few options there, “delete” removes someone from the list and “murder” drops them to the bottom of the list. As to the sync option, we like this much better than KSK’s version, which was incredibly buggy. To quote from the notes at Curse on this:

To sync the lists. If you are not the masterlooter and hit sync, the masterlooter will broadcast his list to everyone. If you are the masterlooter and hit sync, all of the officers will send you their lists and yours will be updated. Either way lists are only updated if a newer list is received.

DSK in Action

One very small drawback to DSK is that everyone needs to have it downloaded in order for the bidding process to work automatically. We didn’t realize this on our first few tries and had to do everything manually. But once everyone does have it installed, the master looter needs to simply press Alt while clicking on the loot item.

I kept forgetting to screenshot this on an actual progression night

Once loot is Alt+clicked on, everyone should see a box pop up with options to bid, pass or roll for offspec. I open the list in order to view whether everyone has responded or not and then to close bids once everyone has indicated their choice. Closing the bid will, if someone has made a bid for it, automatically suicide the winner.

And that’s really all there is to it.

Pros and Cons

Pros of DSK compared to KSK

  • Lightweight, very easy to understand and use
  • Syncs with ease
  • Ability to manually rearrange lists is very simple

Cons of DSK compared to KSK

  • Some risk of lists being meddled with if officer chat is open to most people in the guild
  • Does not autoloot items to the winner or to an enchanter for items below the threshold
  • Everyone has to have it installed

All in all, I feel the pros outweigh the cons and have been very happy with the switch.

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New hunter, new famous pet

A few days ago I caught a bit of an exchange on Twitter that centered around what rapper names it would be fun to give to hunter pets in WoW.

After some extensive research (see: my asking “Who started this one?) to see where it had originated, I decided to toss my own rendition of it out there. For the money. Or the lol’s. Or both those things.

lol money, money lol

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An Effing Conversation

This is why not even one of us should be allowed to be on drugs. Even prescribed ones.

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