things I carry with me, always

I was cleaning out my bags the other day, as is my wont to do every day because I cannot abide even virtual clutter, and I had to smirk at the things that have been perpetually in my first two bag slots since… Vanilla. The first is my hearthstone and the second is another stone:

Clearly, a hunter trinket


The only other things I’ve held onto that long are my hearthstone and the first gold I ever made (hey, I figure if I’ve never since been down below 1g that’s a legitimate statement).

What have you held onto the longest?

the disharmony of spirits of harmony

Welp. It looks like At and I are headed for divorce.

Okay, not really. I just figured if I could get away with wailing about my in-laws planning a visit as though it were the end of the world, I could probably also get away with sensationalist blogging. This is probably untrue, but it seemed like a good way to let you guys know that At and I are having a ridiculously overwrought1 discussion about the merits of Spirits of Harmony as a crafting item.

Our arguments break down like this:


1. They are soulboooound. Whyyyyy are they soulbound? If you want any good weapons crafted, you need to pay someone else to use theirs because you can’t traaaaade them.

2. More QQ I didn’t listen to.

3. It’s toooo haaaard!

4. And, I dunno. More QQ I didn’t listen to.

5. Killing things takes too long for those of us who aren’t ridiculously awesome mages.2


1. They are so easy to obtain! You can plant them in the ground! You can kill things that are easy to kill and get an average of one a day just by doing dailies!

2. They are not like Chaos Orbs from the last xpac, where you had to not only finish a heroic, but also hope that your 20% odds of winning actually netted you one of the damn things. Those were soulbound, too, for most of the xpac.

3. I’m always right.

4. I said in this household I’m always right. Which makes you wrong.

5. Quit talking and fetch me a glass of wine.

You Guys

So what do you guys think? Who is right about this?

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  1. We’ve talked about this more this once. So, you know, clearly a hot topic!
  2. I may be paraphrasing. Slightly.

To Done Lists

I adore a good list. I don’t think that this information would come as a surprise to anyone with more than a passing familiarity with me. I make lists for everything, it seems, from packing for an overnight stay to what’s on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner to how many of what sort of thing I need to finish up my Master of the Ways cooking stuff.

To me, lists aren’t just about having a central location of information, although that is certainly handy. More often, a list is about the progress I’m currently making towards a goal. It’s like I can trick myself into performing a distasteful task (I’m looking at you, fishing) because there’s already a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hannah Hart calls this a ‘To Done’ list. It strikes me that I’m really not actually terribly good at self-motivating most of the time, but I’ve been using lists to give off the impression that I am both extremely organized and good at getting my goals set and accomplished. I guess if the end result is that I do accomplish my goals – even the silly in-game ones like “collect 30 more crocomeats” – then maybe I am that person. Sort of.

Anyhow, I’ve been steadily closing the gap on the cooking front and am looking forward to getting all the random meats and vegetables out of my bank. This is not because I have more important things to put in there, but rather that I enjoy having a mostly empty bank just in case I ever do have something more important to put in there.

When At looked over and saw the splendor of my Google WoW Food To Done list, he got jealous. So while I was waiting for him to do…. something, I created him his own sheet and filled in most of the information.

It then occurred to me that something like that could actually be useful for the community at large, especially if formulas were added to automatically tally how many of which recipe you would need to cook in order to get up to 600 and complete the achievement.

But I’m not that motivated to help other people right now. After all, I have 30 more crocomeats to farm up just for myself and then I’ll probably spend some time and effort in helping At get the things that are on his To Done list. He’s already got the run of my farm since I don’t need to grow any more vegetables for myself, so I feel like I’m giving enough.

But hey, maybe one of you guys already knows of a similar spreadsheet1 to facilitate cooking. Maybe one of you would want to make it yourselves. I’d let you. I’m hella magnanimous that way.

  1. I know there are guides out there that will tell you how many you need of what, but that format doesn’t work for me as well as it does to be able to strikethrough some cells on my own spreadsheet to indicate THIS PART IS DONE.

Grisly Trophies and you in MoP

I have found my spot for current and future Grisly Trophy farming. It went quickly and smoothly enough, so I thought I would share it with everyone else and ask whether anyone else has their own spot all figured out.

I stumbled across mine accidentally. I only wanted to finish skilling up the Way of the Steamer, so I was after Wildfowl Breasts.

A good place for breasts


While there, I noticed that there were a lot of Emperor Terns around and that they both die and respawn very quickly. So in the course of killing the cranes for their breast meat (about a 50% drop rate), I also made sure to steer as many of my AoE attacks at the Terns.

Angry birds!


Within about a quarter hour, I had all my trophies and more than enough Wildfowl Breast to finish out all of the feasts I still needed to make to max out my leveling. I’m torn between giving my extras to At and using them to get more Ironpaw tokens.

But unless someone out there has a more time efficient spot, I think this is where I’ll be in the future for the Darkmoon quest. After all, I do so adore being able to multitask and eventually that flippable table will be mine.


As many of you will know, I used to be the GM of a little guild called Eff the Ineffable (and before that War Within a Breath). When I burned out on WoW in general and Cataclysm in particular, I ended up co-GMing a SWTOR guild in the interim. Then I left SWTOR to return to WoW and obviously gave up any claim to leading the SWTOR guild. Now, it’s been several months since I’ve been involved in the leadership of any guild and I’m still trying to come to grips with what that means.

I don’t know if it’s just me being unable to fully let go, or if this is something that many people experience, but I’m finding the process of transitioning from “leader” to “peon” to be oddly difficult. There’s a lot of aspects that keep coming up and they honestly never occurred to me before.1

Finding the other side of the coin

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you may recall some of my more colorful rants about several of the difficulties inherent in being a GM. There’s a lot of shit that I’m relieved to not have to deal with any longer. What I didn’t anticipate is how there’s a flip side to the things I hated and it’s that flip side that I feel a bit bereft without.

I once complained that I couldn’t log on without having a half dozen tells from people who urgently needed to tell me something. I don’t miss that. But I do miss feeling connected. I do miss the flowchart I had in my head that could map all the relationships between not only myself and each individual in the guild, but also between the individuals themselves. When I was a GM, I knew who respected me, who hated me, who was best friends with whom and which members were most likely to get into the occasional heated squabble with each other. I knew who was central and who was an outlier; which people would remain loyal to the guild despite setbacks and difficulties and who might cut and run at the earliest signs of trouble.

Part of that was being a GM and part of that was spending several years with a somewhat stable group of the same people. Now I am neither in leadership nor do I have a long history with anyone in the new guild, except the few people who followed me there to hang out. So I’ve been struggling with feeling completely disconnected with my guild as a whole and that’s a strange feeling when I’ve spent the past four or five years being central by virtue of being in charge.

The reasons I feel disconnected

I’m the biggest part of the problem when it comes to this only reason for this disconnected feeling I have in regards to my place in the New Guild. I convinced myself before I even started that the best thing I could do would be to keep my head down and my mouth shut and just try like hell to do my best in any guild group situations.

It’s kind of a lot of stress and while I know that I have only myself to blame for it, I find I have a difficult time relaxing. I wouldn’t say that I’m not being myself with the New Guild. I’m just being the painfully reserved version of myself, unable to contribute to any discussions without over-thinking my words for so long that by the time I feel I have them in the right order and with the proper tone, everyone else has already moved on.

And… you guys know how I’m neurotic, right (cue sounds of feigned surprise: WHAT? Really? YOU?!)? Yeah, that hasn’t changed at all over the past several months. It’s one thing to say I’m going to try to learn to not give a fuck about what people think and it’s another thing to make a good pretense at not giving a fuck. But actually not giving a fuck? I think that will always be out of my grasp.

It was different when I was a GM. Because there wasn’t any pressure to be just me and hope that people liked me well enough. I wasn’t just Alas. I was Alas the GM and wearing that hat was like slipping into yet another different version of myself – one that could be as brash and rude and derpy and sarcastic as I was capable of being and totally get away with it.

Alas the Peon is another story altogether. Alas the Peon is much closer to who I actually am behind the avatar and even the writer of these words on the blog. Alas the blogger or Alas on Twitter can and do say pretty much anything that comes to mind without worrying too much about what people think. That Alas can trust that if people are reading the blog or following on Twitter that it was choice they made to do so. Alas the Peon in a new guild is besieged with doubts that anyone other than the GM wants her there at all.

Isn’t it funny how all those versions of me are true to me but all it takes is a situation change to throw me completely off my stride? I envy people like At who are just always themselves and are never tripped up by fears of who might be watching.

On timing and structure

But there’s been another contributing factor to the disconnect and while it’s also entirely my own doing, I didn’t realize until a few days ago that it was getting in the way. As previously mentioned, I do my dailies in the morning while I am at work. You know who else is on during the day? Not very many people. And from all I can tell, those few who are on are also engaged in trying to get their dailies done.

By the time I get home at night, I’m done with WoW for the day. So I make dinner and eat and then park my ass on the couch and work on my frightfully enormous cross stitch project with the television on in the background. All of which is to say that during the potential peak times of guild activity, I am nowhere to be found.

Between that and raids getting cancelled the past two weekends, I’ve had virtually no interaction with anyone in my guild for nearly three weeks. At least until yesterday when my GM was also on during the day and organized some Scenario runs. I was so awash in a flood of positive emotions from having that interaction that I even queued in LFR later that afternoon after also taking Vidyala up on a general invitation to come kill Galleon.

While LFR totally killed my desire to be around other people for a while, it was a far more interesting day in WoW than any I can remember having in recent history.

The plan to connect

So I guess that I like that my guild is mostly pretty quiet, but even though I’m the most seriously introverted person I know, it seems that I do still need to get some interaction out of my time spent in game.

Exposure is going to be key, because I’ll never stop being painfully reserved if I never get comfortable enough around these people to carry on a normal conversation. With that in mind, I’m letting go of my decided preference to do dailies in the morning with less competition (it helps that I’m down to only needing Shado Pan and August Celestials) and will be getting online in the evenings instead.

This should also please poor At, who tries to do a handful of dailies with me in the mornings before we go to work, but who is horribly behind because he chooses to spend time with me in the evenings and doesn’t have the luxury of being able to play at work. No wonder I’ve felt a lingering guilt regarding his lack of progress in reputation grinding.

I don’t know whether or when I might get over over-thinking everything I say in the context of the guild. I’m sure I’ll always carry with me some great or small concern about how others are perceiving me. But that’s always going to be the case because I can’t fathom a version of me that could ever be so carefree. But if could relax a bit and figure out how to just be less uptight in this situation and this guild and this context? Well, that would be excellent indeed.

Wish me luck?

  1. Not going to get into it in this post, but one of the changes in being a peon that has really thrown me is in relation to this blog. I’m not in leadership any more and it’s difficult to write about leadership when you’re not actively doing it. I have an irrational fear that it would either come across as pompous or as a criticism of my current GM

Three years. Sort of.

If you ignore that I took a break (or tried to quit you this blog), it’s been three years that I’ve been blogging here. Sort of.

Recapping this past year seems a bit silly since I was absent for much of it. And as I look back, I see a lot of personal sadness lurking in every corner. I suppose that’s appropriate, as I have a great deal of sadness lingering to this day.

But I don’t want to get into those things. I don’t even want to make this post a big deal because it’s not the post that’s been trapped inside my head for the past few weeks. This is not the post that I’m a bit afraid to write and publish.

This is just a post to say hey, look at that. It’s been three years since the call to write again became so strong that I couldn’t ignore it. Three years since I discovered the marvelous WoW blogging community. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, even though at times it has been difficult and painful.

And here’s to my next year. I hope it shines a little brighter and with greater consistency.

I have a number of questions

And that number is two:

1. How on earth did the DPS warrior contrive to DIE in the first 10 seconds when he managed all of 7k dps?

2. Why can’t I sustain my initial burst damage of 70k dps? /pout

As a bonus third question, how did the hunter manage to do less overall damage and dps than the tank? Who is lazy and undergeared. I can say that. He’s my husband.

I’m puzzled and unwilling to run HH much more.

But then I already have my pony


A lack of deep thoughts… or shallow ones

You know what I’ve been doing since I last griped about dailies? Yeah. More dailies. No griping today though. I’ve beat that dead horse as much as I am going to.

Actually, I’m pleased to say that I have finished up a reputation grind or two. Today was the last day I did all the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies, and I really look forward to not having to use up my bandages and fish up golden crap carp every day. Especially since for the last three or four days I’ve finally unlocked and added Shado Pan and August Celestials to my daily rounds.

The Klaxxi and Golden Lotus are creeping up to the midpoint of revered and I have about another week of both of those. Ditto for the Anglers, though they’re the ones I ignore if I’ve reached a point where I just can’t bring myself to do one more set of dailies.

For all of that, gear is coming along slowly. I have been having what may be easily qualified as the worst possible luck with drops in any raid or dungeon I hit. But I’ve been saving my VP up and am going to give something an upgrade before my next raid. All depends on what, if anything, I get out of LFR this week.

I’m addicted to and their lovely reputation calendar. I’m also digging the buff I get every day before embarking on dailies. It makes my Draenei self feel human again.

Aside from all the work I dump into my main, I sometimes take an hour or two to level an alt. My monk is in her early 20’s and enjoying healing…. as much as she can when being subjected to the vagaries of LFD. Franquility hit Outland and level 61 yesterday, discovering the cruel way that Blizzard will give you flight form at 58 but withhold the ability to fly until 60. I call shenanigans.

And that’s it. A boring update. But then again, all my days are pretty much the same and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Give us this day our daily rant

You know how, in romantic movies, there is often a scene where both of the lead characters reach for the same item and brush each other’s hand? They then look at each other with surprise and their raised eyebrows swiftly morph into warm smiles and telling blushes. They have the same taste in obscure literature/bands/food. It’s love.

Running WoW dailies is just like that, with the small exception being that when two people go for the same thing at the same time, it’s more likely to end in raised swords and fireballs to the face. Or a lot of cursing.

Totally romantic, right?

I honestly don’t normally have to deal with very much of that sort of thing, since I usually do my dailies in the morning and there are only a handful of other people out and about at the same time. Normally, dailies are peaceful.

Thanks to maintenance today, they were very much not my normal dailies. For one thing, it took me a full extra hour to get through all of them and this was at a time of day when I don’t have nearly as many work interruptions to contend with. And it took longer because, unlike what seems to be about 90% of my server’s population, I’m not actively out there trying to be an asshole about it.

But after today, I’m a little closer to ripping up my “Basically Nice Person” card and getting on board the asshole train. Somewhere around the fifth time I had someone come and pick up a quest item I was after (eggs, vegetables, you name it they stole it) while I was busy fighting the mob that had prevented me from just sauntering over and grabbing it, I snapped.

Fine, I snarled at the screen. Let’s see how you like it!

Then I proceeded to follow around the horde DK who had stolen my egg and snatched every single one of his. I cackled madly while doing so because it felt so good to be evil. I’m pretty sure he went home crying.

…except that none of that happened. I fantasized about it and that’s far as it went, because I don’t see the point in adding to the overall problem.

So here I am, impotently pissed off at the absolutely selfish and juvenile behavior that I’m seeing from nearly everyone out there in my neck of the woods. It’s enough to make me wish that there was some way to take the MMO out of my RPG, because the community isn’t an asset when they’re mostly being asses.

To the one Panda Monk who backed off from my vegetables once you saw that I was after them, thank you for being the one ray of light in what was otherwise a terribly daily grind.

To the people who have to deal with dailies at peak times every day, I’m so sorry. I will cut you a lot more slack when you complain about how long they take.

And to tomorrow, may the morning be maintenance- and realm restart-free so I can regain some sanity as I go about my business.

Rage against the VP cap

After putting in a solid week of being faithful about doing all my dailies every day, I’ve found that’s about enough to hit the VP cap a few days before the weekly reset. I am, much like Lady Catherine De Bourgh, most seriously displeased.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand the need for a VP cap. In the past, having never been the type of person to run heroics until my eyes started bleeding, I’ve never even been bothered by the arbitrary ceiling since I rarely ever hit it.

But yesterday and today, dailies have been mildly depressing. Sure, I’m still getting rep – and that is the main thing. I’m also getting more of those Lesser Charms of Good Fortune1. There’s some gold in there somewhere, all earmarked for my eventual yak-buying shenanigans. But the quest givers still swear they’ll give me my five VP and then renege on that promise.

Those. Assholes.

Again, I understand the cap. But couldn’t there be some sort of compromise on this score for people who are hitting it early in the week? Couldn’t we get, I don’t know, some extra gold or even some JP instead? It’s early enough in the tier that I still have several gear holes I wouldn’t mind plugging with JP gear, rather than effing PvP gear.2 It just seems like there should be something else we could get, rather than a sad feeling when you’ve done 30 odd dailies and still only see an angry red message that you are 1000/1000 weekly VP. Try again Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday and my general sense of rage over weekly resets, those goddamn Charms of Good Fortune are killing me. I have three week’s worth of turn-ins on those, all taking up space in my bags and bank, because we haven’t crossed an arbitrary threshold yet. And this is one roadblock I don’t get at all. How does it hurt anyone if I go into a raid with six or nine Elder Charms of Good Fortune? For that matter, why do they only allow us a max of ten?

So they can keep us doing dailies long after we’ve stopped needing the rep?

That’s lame. Or to quote Lady Cat again,

 Yes, yes but this is all extremely vexing… I’m quite put out!

  1. Why these can’t be a currency is currently beyond me.
  2. But this is a whole other rant about my terribad luck in heroics where the only cloth that drops is healer cloth.