Give us this day our daily rant

You know how, in romantic movies, there is often a scene where both of the lead characters reach for the same item and brush each other’s hand? They then look at each other with surprise and their raised eyebrows swiftly morph into warm smiles and telling blushes. They have the same taste in obscure literature/bands/food. It’s love.

Running WoW dailies is just like that, with the small exception being that when two people go for the same thing at the same time, it’s more likely to end in raised swords and fireballs to the face. Or a lot of cursing.

Totally romantic, right?

I honestly don’t normally have to deal with very much of that sort of thing, since I usually do my dailies in the morning and there are only a handful of other people out and about at the same time. Normally, dailies are peaceful.

Thanks to maintenance today, they were very much not my normal dailies. For one thing, it took me a full extra hour to get through all of them and this was at a time of day when I don’t have nearly as many work interruptions to contend with. And it took longer because, unlike what seems to be about 90% of my server’s population, I’m not actively out there trying to be an asshole about it.

But after today, I’m a little closer to ripping up my “Basically Nice Person” card and getting on board the asshole train. Somewhere around the fifth time I had someone come and pick up a quest item I was after (eggs, vegetables, you name it they stole it) while I was busy fighting the mob that had prevented me from just sauntering over and grabbing it, I snapped.

Fine, I snarled at the screen. Let’s see how you like it!

Then I proceeded to follow around the horde DK who had stolen my egg and snatched every single one of his. I cackled madly while doing so because it felt so good to be evil. I’m pretty sure he went home crying.

…except that none of that happened. I fantasized about it and that’s far as it went, because I don’t see the point in adding to the overall problem.

So here I am, impotently pissed off at the absolutely selfish and juvenile behavior that I’m seeing from nearly everyone out there in my neck of the woods. It’s enough to make me wish that there was some way to take the MMO out of my RPG, because the community isn’t an asset when they’re mostly being asses.

To the one Panda Monk who backed off from my vegetables once you saw that I was after them, thank you for being the one ray of light in what was otherwise a terribly daily grind.

To the people who have to deal with dailies at peak times every day, I’m so sorry. I will cut you a lot more slack when you complain about how long they take.

And to tomorrow, may the morning be maintenance- and realm restart-free so I can regain some sanity as I go about my business.

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Rage against the VP cap

After putting in a solid week of being faithful about doing all my dailies every day, I’ve found that’s about enough to hit the VP cap a few days before the weekly reset. I am, much like Lady Catherine De Bourgh, most seriously displeased.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand the need for a VP cap. In the past, having never been the type of person to run heroics until my eyes started bleeding, I’ve never even been bothered by the arbitrary ceiling since I rarely ever hit it.

But yesterday and today, dailies have been mildly depressing. Sure, I’m still getting rep – and that is the main thing. I’m also getting more of those Lesser Charms of Good Fortune1. There’s some gold in there somewhere, all earmarked for my eventual yak-buying shenanigans. But the quest givers still swear they’ll give me my five VP and then renege on that promise.

Those. Assholes.

Again, I understand the cap. But couldn’t there be some sort of compromise on this score for people who are hitting it early in the week? Couldn’t we get, I don’t know, some extra gold or even some JP instead? It’s early enough in the tier that I still have several gear holes I wouldn’t mind plugging with JP gear, rather than effing PvP gear.2 It just seems like there should be something else we could get, rather than a sad feeling when you’ve done 30 odd dailies and still only see an angry red message that you are 1000/1000 weekly VP. Try again Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday and my general sense of rage over weekly resets, those goddamn Charms of Good Fortune are killing me. I have three week’s worth of turn-ins on those, all taking up space in my bags and bank, because we haven’t crossed an arbitrary threshold yet. And this is one roadblock I don’t get at all. How does it hurt anyone if I go into a raid with six or nine Elder Charms of Good Fortune? For that matter, why do they only allow us a max of ten?

So they can keep us doing dailies long after we’ve stopped needing the rep?

That’s lame. Or to quote Lady Cat again,

 Yes, yes but this is all extremely vexing… I’m quite put out!

  1. Why these can’t be a currency is currently beyond me.
  2. But this is a whole other rant about my terribad luck in heroics where the only cloth that drops is healer cloth.
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This post is a hot mess of disjointed topics

I’ve been meaning to write a few posts since the weekend – and I realize it’s only Tuesday and this isn’t terribly old news or anything like that – but I haven’t been able to separate the two topics from each other in my head. So rather than delay writing until I figured out how I wanted to try to split the things up, you all get a longish post that will be half real life and half HURRAH! I RAIDED!

We’ll start with real life because it happened first and because it affected the raiding bit.

Photo credit for this one to my brother-in-law

I’ve been planning since, uh, last year to go camping at Capitol Reef National Park. I know I’ve mentioned the place a few times here and there, largely in my I’m-stuck-in-the-Midwest-and-I-hate-my-life-here-and-I-just-want-to-go-home posts. Anyone who has been around for a while knows that I’ve been back in Utah for nearly two years now.

But it wasn’t until last Thursday when I arrived in the glorious red rock country of southern Utah that I really felt whole again.

This one, too. Or maybe my sister. The rest are mine, okay.

Growing up in a large family as I did (7 kids total), our family vacations tended to be camping trips. We went to a lot of great places, but the only place we went every year was to Capitol Reef. Some of my earliest memories are of frolics through the apple orchards and of hiking the desert trails. As I got older, I came to appreciate the juxtaposition of those two things. And my last memories of that place before this weekend were of sharing my own slice of heaven on earth with At. That happened before we were even engaged so the last time I was there was a bit over a decade ago.

I was blindingly happy to be there. I can’t help but believe that words would completely fail me in trying to describe that sense of wholeness and homecoming, so I won’t even try. Suffice to say that it’s the most important trip I’ve made in a long time.

The beauty of the place took my breath away all over again. Although there had been a small part of me that hadn’t wanted to go because RAAAAIIIIIDS, it took only one look at those sheer red cliffs and achingly blue skies for me to know that even if I missed a month’s worth of raids for a few minutes of looking at the scenery that defined my childhood, it would all be worth it. 

WoW was both the furthest thing from my mind and the closest as we hiked along the Cohab trail (so named for the early Mormon settlers who would occasionally flee from Fruita [now a ghost town] to the canyon to avoid the federal officers who pursued them for their polygamist beliefs. A lot of people fled to and through these canyons, actually, including Butch Cassidy [and his gang] for whom Cassidy Arch is named.). It was close because I’ve always seen echos of red rock country in certain zones in WoW but I couldn’t regret being amongst the sere beauty of the real thing rather than working towards raid readiness in the artificial setting.

Dead tree with Pectol's Pyramid in background


But that brings me to a point about raiding and raid readiness. Namely, that when Sunday rolled around and I was back home and able to be online for the first scheduled raid, I wasn’t at all ready. Half in greens with a spattering of heroic blues, I had made an honest effort to do everything I could in the little amount of time I had since hitting 90 to get geared and ready. But I was a far cry from being even close to prepared.

They took me anyway, largely because it was supposed that I would be less annoying than a pug. Here’s hoping that was true.

I was certainly in a state of panic as the raid group formed and assembled, and tweeted nervously that I was pretty sure I was going to throw up. What, I have no idea, as I was too on edge to even eat. The last time I had “raided” with this guild, they had carried me through heroic Firelands and so I had a pretty good idea of how skilled they are. But this time there would be a greater expectation for me to at least pull my own weight.

Once we got started, I was able to settle down a bit. There was an air of excitement among the rest of the raid group, but restrained. They were there to learn and master the fights as much as I was. Although I was lagging behind on most fights on the meters, I at least felt that I was finally on a more equal footing.

We got through trash with ease and then took a few minutes to talk about the Stone Guards in Mogu’shan Vaults. I was beyond relieved to not have to be the one trying to call that mess… or tank it. Or heal it. Look, my job as dps was relatively simple, okay. Don’t stand in bad things and if you get chained to a buddy, stick near them, especially if they are melee dps or a healer and have better things to worry about than sticking near to a more flexible ranged dps.

There were several wipes, including one where we hit the enrage timer, but ultimately we were able to get through the fight and move on to the next boss. We were less successful there, but made good progress into the second phase before ending for the night.

For me, my takeaway was fairly personal and possibly overly optimistic. But I didn’t feel terribly out of my depth with this raid team in terms of being able to pick up on mechanics and start to utilize my magey bag of tricks in response to recurring issues. It remains to be seen whether I can keep up in terms of dps output once my gear is actually up to par (and believe me, I am hitting those Golden Lotus dailies as hard as I can and striving to reach the weekly VP cap), but at least I wasn’t in there dying to stupid shit and failing to grasp how each mechanic affected me. There’s lot of room for improvement, of course, and I still need to take a detailed look at the log, but overall I’m excited to be raiding again and really looking forward to getting in there with better gear and a little knowledge of the fights.

Which brings me to one last observation and then I’ll just wander away from this mess of a post. I’ve read a few posts/tweets here and there about how little people like the dailies grind. Welp, I can understand the sentiment, but I have to say that I love it. I get that this is specific to my situation, but dailies are something I can actually do while at work in between my little bursts of actually working. I like that I can tackle them at my own pace and get interrupted to make some asshole a special pot of coffee and not have the interruption get me kicked out of a group or any further from meeting my daily goals.

And with that being said, I need to go make some coffee and then wrap up my Golden Lotus dailies.

If you’ve raided, how was your first experience?

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Mountain of mount misadventures

A day in the life of questing with At: a short, illustrated tale

At: Alright! I’m ready to go! Let’s hit it!

Alas: Err, what are you doing back there?


At: I’m your rearguard, baby! Keepin’ an eye out for mobs we might have missed!

Alas: But your mace is poking me!

At: You’d have a similar problem if I turned around… if you know what I mean.

Alas: Oh, lord.


At: This’ll be great for both of us. You’ll see. You can keep your eyes on the road and I’ll be ready to spring into action the moment something comes after your fine tail.

Alas: *sigh* I wish I had never race changed. The tail jokes are so old.

At: This is valuable already. Know how I know? I can tell you that we’re moving away from a tree that appears to be on fire. Moving away from things that are on fire is a good thing. You’re all the hotness I need in my life, baby.

Alas: Um. We just passed by the tree that’s on fire. I already saw it. Honestly, you’re giving me updates from my life, two seconds ago. I remember.

At: Well, if you don’t like me riding this way, I suppose I could remount. Or, we could both dismount and then mount other things. If you know what I mean.

Alas: …remount. Not me. The rocket.

At: You’re no fun.

Alas: Oh my god, what are you doing now?


At: Best of both worlds, baby! I can keep an eye on the peripheral and the rear this way!

Alas: What about the other side?

At: Oh, you’re right. Umm. Can you stop for a second?

Alas: Now what?


At: Now I got the other side covered!

Alas: You know what?

At: What?

Alas: It’s time for you to drive.

At: If you say so, baby.


At: I dunno, baby. I think all your shouting is scaring my mammoth. Could you maybe it keep it down back there?

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Thoughts on MoP

With all my spare moments of late having gone to actually experiencing MoP, I am well behind the general curve of writing about it. That’s okay. If I were ever topical and timely, I think the world would end.

As I write this, I am waiting for my husband to finish disenchanting whatever it is he has moldering in his bags and do whatever else might take his fancy before we press on. We’re both 88 and wandering across Kun-Lai Summit.

And it’s the togetherness that I want to talk about first. So far, it’s my only big complaint about this expansion. Not At. He’s my hero, standing in front of my pagoda-shoulders-clad self and taking the beating I so richly deserve for setting things on fire. But trying to quest as a duo can be, frankly, rather shitty.

I don’t understand why Blizzard did many of these quests the way they did. It’s a strange sort of split, where some of the quests function better with a pair, the way they always have, where two people killing the crap out of 15 whosits goes faster than it would with only one person trying to do it. But then there’s the quests that have traditionally given credit to both parties – healing NPC’s, talking to That Guy, examining This Place – that now require each person to act on their own, making the process take twice as long.

Even more baffling are quests like the one where you’re asked to get snake heads and not every snake apparently has a head but when they do, both you and your leveling companion get the loot.

So yeah, questing in pairs could have been smoothed out a lot, but that’s genuinely my only


complaint so far. Well, that and the shoulders. If they continue to look like small roofs I’ll have to break down and mog them into something less obnoxious.

That being the only negative in my mind so far, I could just say everything else is great. But a few highlights for me are:


I love that I don’t need to keep running back and forth to a trainer just to see what I might have that is new. I enjoyed crafting roughly 100 health potions and seeing my character give the little spasm that indicates new knowledge going over with every potion I made. I still have to compare what I have in my recipe book to a complete list on another site, but judging from past experience, I think I have just about everything without even trying.

The Scenery

I admit I’ve never been hugely into Asian-inspired themes, but I don’t think anything I’ve seen so far has been anything other than lovely. Maybe it’s just a change that I needed after all the blandly monotonous feel of Cataclysm’s new zones, but I’m digging the beauty of the zones I’ve seen and the dungeons I’ve been through.


Speaking of dungeons, I like the balance I’ve seen so far between interesting and engaging mechanics and straightforward AoE-festing. It seems like there’s a good mix of the swiftness one could achieve back in Wrath 5-mans with some areas that are a bit more challenging. I’m definitely looking forward to hitting 90 and starting to tackle the heroic versions.

To conclude

I think those are the three biggest things I’ve enjoyed so far. What I’m finding interesting is how so many people are so enraptured by this expansion. I certainly didn’t expect to be – didn’t even think I’d be playing – and am now eating my words from when I wrinkled my nose and said that I couldn’t believe Blizzard would do such a thing, that they were clearly just cashing in whatever old ideas they had lingering from WC3.

I’m still in favor of seeing an expansion revolve around the Emerald Dream – I think they could do some really interesting things with that whole concept. But MoP? It doesn’t suck. Not even a little. I have no problems saying I was wrong in my initial distaste and I cannot wait to see if all the great touches carry through into raids. I really need for that aspect of the game to not be a letdown.


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On pressure and expansions

The calendar keeps startling me. Not all that long ago it was one month until the xpac. Then one week. And now we’re down to the wait of several hours.

I’m excited, but I’m not that excited. In the past, I’ve arranged to have time off and have made plans to power-level. Never to the point where I was actively trying for a server first of anything, because I know that would lead straight to disappointment and anger when I didn’t get it.

This time will be different. Oh, I am sure my free moments will all be going to getting to level 90, but I’m not taking time off work (er, not that I would need to) and I won’t be frantic about leveling my professions. This time, I want to enjoy the ride. I want to take time to admire the scenery rather than have conniption fits that the area is too overcrowded and nothing is respawning quickly enough. I’m going to make some easy cash by selling anything I gather for the first few days.

For the past several expansions I have raced towards max everything and then wondered a few weeks later what difference it really made. None of the stress and effort got me into a raid any sooner. None of it made me fabulously wealthy. None of it made me walk away saying that being the first person in the guild to reach the new level cap was totally worth it. Still less worth it was the way I would be the only alchemist who could make certain things for my guild for a while.

It was all pressure on top of pressure.

Of course, the ironic part of all this, is that I am now in a guild where I expect that sort of drive will be more the norm. I suspect I’ll look something like a laggard by comparison.

But that’s okay by me. I want my first impression of actually being in the new expansion to be about the fun I’m currently having rather than the fun I hope to have. After all, isn’t that the beauty of end-game? It’ll still be there, completely undiminished by anyone else having got there ahead of you.

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Theramore: I’m ambivalent

So, Theramore. General consensus is that it’s a horrible scenario and that Blizzard has botched their own storytelling by having it all play out the way it has. Some people are more disappointed that it’s not the pre-expansion world event that we’ve all come to expect.

I admit I’m still somewhat out of the loop, having not bothered to read the big news sites or to find new (to me) bloggers who might have been covering this sort of thing in advance. It was with no particular background knowledge or feelings of anticipation that I stepped into the Theramore scenario for the first time last night.

It went quickly enough, despite my being useless for the first pull or two as I tried to fix some keybindings gone awry. As we progressed through the phases, I found myself reminded rather a great deal of SWTOR. I’m not certain if that was due more to the brief cinematic at the beginning or the way that the objectives kept unfurling without my having to do anything except be there and follow the random warrior who seemed to know his way around the place.

As we hit, oh, stage four or so, the warrior made a comment about “there’s emo Jaina and now we have to help her.”

I thought of making the remark that calling Jaina emo was being redundant, but didn’t bother. Everyone knows Jaina is emo. Everyone knows she’s going to need help. It’s sort of her thing and no surprise there.

A few minutes later, it was all over and done with. We collected our things and ported out of the instance, only to find that the best Jaina can come up with as a thank you is a tabard for a city that doesn’t even exist any more. I guess she had some surplus stock?

I was neither thrilled nor disappointed with the scenario, overall. I feel neither grief nor outrage that Theramore is gone, which I suppose could say something about how well that story wasn’t told. I hesitate slightly to make this observation, but the tragic events of 9/11 are still embedded in my psyche 12 years after the event. And I’m obviously not alone in having those images from the day burned into my memory. There is a lot of latent emotion there that Blizzard could have drawn upon for powerful storytelling, but they didn’t. Perhaps they didn’t want to trade on a real tragedy, which is a move I can understand and accept; but I do wonder if they didn’t water it all down to bland dullness because of the images it might evoke.

On the other hand, getting a sad clown Jaina who can’t do anything without boohooing all over the place wasn’t a surprise. I actually more or less expected it, having no hope at all that Blizzard would let her break into a more powerful role. But I can accept that, too. After all the shit she’s gone through, I think her character isn’t likely to change just because she’s had to deal with one more tragedy. If she’d ever had it in her to be a strong person, she’d have gotten there by now.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about the scenario. But as long as it might be a loot pinata, you can bet I’ll go in there and wallop on it.

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Chapter 34 – You can app to my guild. I admire your parses.

Chapter 34

While purposefully not logging on to join <Rosings> for their heroics, Elizabeth, as if intending to exasperate herself as much as possible against Mr. Darcy, chose for her employment the examination of all the email which Jane had written to her since taking a break from the game. They contained no actual complaint, nor was there any revival of past occurrences, or any communication of present suffering. But in all, and in almost every line of each, there was a want of that cheerfulness which had been used to characterise her style, and which, proceeding from the serenity of a mind at ease with itself and kindly disposed towards everyone, had been scarcely ever clouded. Elizabeth noticed every sentence conveying the idea of uneasiness, with an attention which it had hardly received on the first perusal. Mr. Darcy’s shameful boast of what misery he had been able to inflict, gave her a keener sense of her guild mate’s sufferings. It was some consolation to think that his visit to <Rosings> was to end on the day after the next—and, a still greater, that in less than a fortnight she should herself be able to start raiding with <Longbourn> again, and enabled to contribute to the recovery of her spirits, by all that affection could do.

She could not think of Darcy’s leaving the server without remembering that Fitzwilliam was to go with him; but Colonel Fitzwilliam had made it clear that he had no intentions at all, and agreeable as he was, she did not mean to be unhappy about him.

While settling this point, she was suddenly roused by the sound of a chat notification, and her spirits were a little fluttered by the idea of its being Colonel Fitzwilliam himself, who had once before chatted with her via Google Chat late in the evening, and might now be tabbed out of the heroics in order to inquire particularly after her. But this idea was soon banished, and her spirits were very differently affected, when, to her utter amazement, she saw Mr. Darcy’s name show up in the right hand corner of her screen. In an hurried manner he immediately began an inquiry after her health, imputing his IM to a wish of hearing that she were better. She answered him with cold civility. He did not type for a few moments, and then after a moment, his status went to “Idle.” Elizabeth was surprised, but said not a word. After a silence of several minutes, his status changed back to “available” and the message “Mr. Darcy is typing” appeared before he thus began:

“In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire you and your parses.”

Elizabeth’s astonishment was beyond expression. She stared, coloured, doubted, and could not bring her fingers to type. This he considered sufficient encouragement; and the avowal of all that he felt, and had long felt for her, immediately followed. He wrote well; but there were feelings besides those of the dps meters to be detailed; and he was not more eloquent on the subject of utility than of ability. His sense of her inferiority—of its being a degradation—of the guild obstacles which had always opposed to inclination, were dwelt on with a warmth which seemed due to the consequence he was wounding, but was very unlikely to recommend his suit.

In spite of her deeply-rooted dislike, she could not be insensible to the compliment of such a man’s appraisal, and though her intentions did not vary for an instant, she was at first sorry for the pain he was to receive; till, roused to resentment by his subsequent language, she lost all compassion in anger. She tried, however, to compose herself to answer him with patience, when he should have done. He concluded with representing to her the strength of that attachment which, in spite of all his endeavours, he had found impossible to conquer; and with expressing his hope that it would now be rewarded by her acceptance of his invitation to apply to his guild. As he said this, she could easily see that he had no doubt of a favourable answer. He spoke of apprehension and anxiety, but his manner expressed real security. Such a circumstance could only exasperate farther, and, when he ceased, the colour rose into her cheeks, and she wrote:

“In such cases as this, it is, I believe, the established mode to express a sense of obligation for the sentiments avowed, however unequally they may be returned. It is natural that obligation should be felt, and if I could feel gratitude, I would now thank you. But I cannot—I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly. I am sorry to have occasioned pain to anyone. It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration. The feelings which, you tell me, have long prevented the acknowledgment of your regard, can have little difficulty in overcoming it after this explanation.”

Mr. Darcy did not at first reply, perhaps temporarily AFK or perhaps surprised at her response. The pause was to Elizabeth’s feelings dreadful. At length, with a slowness between when he first started typing and when his message finally came through, he said:

“And this is all the reply which I am to have the honour of expecting! I might, perhaps, wish to be informed why, with so little endeavour at civility, I am thus rejected. But it is of small importance.”

“I might as well inquire,” replied she, “why with so evident a desire of offending and insulting me, you chose to tell me that you liked me against your will, against your reason, and even against your character? Was not this some excuse for incivility, if I was uncivil? But I have other provocations. You know I have. Had not my feelings decided against you—had they been indifferent, or had they even been favourable, do you think that any consideration would tempt me to raid with the man who has been the means of ruining, perhaps for ever, the happiness of a most beloved guild mate?”

As she wrote these words, Mr. Darcy’s status again changed colour; but the absence was short, and he read without attempting to interrupt her with typing of his own while she continued:

“I have every reason in the world to think ill of you. No motive can excuse the unjust and ungenerous part you acted there. You dare not, you cannot deny, that you have been the principal, if not the only means of dividing them from each other—of exposing one to the censure of the world for caprice and instability, and the other to its derision for disappointed hopes, and involving them both in misery of the acutest kind.”

She paused, and saw with no slight indignation that he was reading silently with an air which proved him wholly unmoved by any feeling of remorse. He even gave her a smile of affected incredulity :/

“Can you deny that you have done it?” she repeated.

With assumed tranquillity he then replied: “I have no wish of denying that I did everything in my power to separate my friend from your guild mate, or that I rejoice in my success. Towards him I have been kinder than towards myself.”

Elizabeth disdained the appearance of noticing this civil reflection, but its meaning did not escape, nor was it likely to conciliate her.

“But it is not merely this affair,” she continued, “on which my dislike is founded. Long before it had taken place my opinion of you was decided. Your character was unfolded in the recital which I received many months ago from Mr. Wickham. On this subject, what can you have to say? In what imaginary act of friendship can you here defend yourself? or under what misrepresentation can you here impose upon others?”

“You take an eager interest in that ‘gentleman’s’ concerns,” said Darcy, in a less tranquil tone, and with a sarcastic emphasis on the word “gentleman.”

“Who that knows what his misfortunes have been, can help feeling an interest in him?”

“His misfortunes!” repeated Darcy contemptuously; “yes, his misfortunes have been great indeed.”

“And of your infliction,” typed Elizabeth with energy. “You have reduced him to his present state of poverty—comparative poverty. You have withheld the advantages which you must know to have been designed for him. You have deprived the best years of his raiding life of that independence which was no less his due than his desert. You have done all this! and yet you can treat the mention of his misfortune with contempt and ridicule.”

“And this,” exclaimed Darcy, “is your opinion of me! This is the estimation in which you hold me! I thank you for explaining it so fully. My faults, according to this calculation, are heavy indeed! But perhaps,” added he, slowing down the rapid typing of his fingers, “these offenses might have been overlooked, had not your pride been hurt by my honest confession of the scruples that had long prevented my forming any serious design. These bitter accusations might have been suppressed, had I, with greater policy, concealed my struggles, and flattered you into the belief of my being impelled by unqualified, unalloyed inclination; by reason, by reflection, by everything. But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence. Nor am I ashamed of the feelings I related. They were natural and just. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your connections?—to congratulate myself on the hope of relations, whose ranking at GuildOx is so decidedly beneath my own?”

Elizabeth felt herself growing more angry every moment; yet she tried to the utmost to speak with composure when she said:

“You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your offer affected me in any other way, than as it spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.”

She saw him start to type at this, but he stopped and said nothing, and she continued:

“You could not have made the offer of applying to your guild in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”

Again his astonishment was obvious. “lolwut” was all he wrote, followed by o.O. She went on:

“From the very beginning—from the first moment, I may almost say—of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form the groundwork of disapprobation on which succeeding events have built so immovable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last tank in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to raid with on full-time basis.”

“You have said quite enough, madam. I perfectly comprehend your feelings, and have now only to be ashamed of what my own have been. Forgive me for having taken up so much of your time, and accept my best wishes for your health and happiness.”

And with these words he hastily logged out of chat.

The tumult of her mind, was now painfully great. She knew not how to support herself, and from actual weakness sat down and cried for half-an-hour. Her astonishment, as she reflected on what had passed, was increased by every review of it. That she should receive an offer to apply to raid from Mr. Darcy! That he should have been paying attention to her parses for so many months! So much willing to have her on his raid team in spite of all the objections which had made him prevent his friend’s inviting her guild mate to join them, and which must appear at least with equal force in his own case—was almost incredible! It was gratifying to have inspired unconsciously so strong a desire. But his pride, his abominable pride—his shameless avowal of what he had done with respect to Jane—his unpardonable assurance in acknowledging, though he could not justify it, and the unfeeling manner in which he had mentioned Mr. Wickham, his cruelty towards whom he had not attempted to deny, soon overcame the pity which the consideration of his attachment had for a moment excited. She continued in very agitated reflections till the sight of other people becoming active in Google chat made her feel how unequal she was to encounter Charlotte’s observation, and hurried to log off herself.

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Loving, liking, hating

I’ll be honest. I only think that most of the changes I’ve noticed in game have been from the recent patch, and I more than half suspect one might have come during the hiatus of several months that I took from WoW. I still have opinions about all of them, however. Well, all the ones I’ve noticed.

Arcane spec – This one gets an unqualified HAET from me. I’ve been arcane since early Wrath, without more than situational switching for fights where I needed more ranged AoE options. I had every intention of heading into MoP with my Arcane spec intact, but it took less than 20 minutes at a dummy to convince me that it’s not working properly. I haven’t looked back since then, but perhaps after some leveling and gearing I might pick it back up as an offspec.

Archaeology – Liking. I mean, it’s still Archaeology, so I’m not over the moon about it at all. But I am certainly appreciating that I tend to get more fragments per dig and that there are more digs per zone before it disappears. Even as a mage with the ability to get around pretty quickly, the travel time that always went into it means that the bigger rewards for the time were long-overdue in coming. Having them around now means that Alas is closing in hard and fast on several more achievements in the profession.

Druid travel form – Loving it. I think most of the old druid forms needed a makeover and this one is the best I’ve seen so far. Having the glyph to allow someone to ride you while in travel form is just a fun little perk. Granted, no one has mounted Franquility. But I have totally mounted At. Also, this excellent fodder for dirty jokes and you guys know I love my dirty jokes.

Fire spec – Loving this as well, and it’s actually nice to feel like fire is something I have a better handle on now. I haven’t done much with fire since the end of BC, but it’s still a bit like coming home. Only this time I actually get some control over my procs and free Pyroblasts and my mana seems nigh infinite.

Fishing – Liking the changes here. I try to pick up fishing on my baby alts and do the fishing daily whenever I find myself in a major city. With the server change I made, I don’t quite have all my resources back up to snuff, so many of these baby alts are short on bag space, particularly as I attempt to level professions. Not having to carry around a fishing pole is a nice bonus. Not having to take the time to actually equip a fishing pole is also helping to make a profession I don’t really care for become more palatable.

Mana gems – It seems a little strong to say I hate the changes to mana gems, but I certainly don’t like it! It’s not the most game-breaking thing in the world to have mana gems disappear after being logged out for 15 minutes, but I got used to always have one in my bags and needing to make them only as I actually used them. Having to recall to make it when I log in is annoying. Having it hop all over my bags instead of staying in the spot I’ve always kept them is doubly so. And yeah, I know that I hardly need one for dailies with my infinite mana pool and all, but this is a small quality of life issue that just rankles me.

Mounts, pets and achievements – I would have to admit to a bit of ambivalance about this whole thing. I absolutely enjoy having my Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth available on all my characters as it’s a nice way to clear out some bag space while in the middle of nowhere. At least, whenever I actually remember it’s an option I do.

The pets, I really don’t give a flying leap about. I mean, I’ll get pets if I have the time or resources or rep just for the sake of it, but I’m not an avid collector. The whole pet battling system still seems rather silly to me, although I will at least give it a try before wholly dismissing it.

It’s the achievement thing that sort of gets my goat. I understand that I would appreciate it if I ever decided to main change and still wanted to flaunt my old raiding titles, but it did put a fork in Project #QuATT. I haven’t been able to even look at my hunter since the game decided she already had Loremaster. I suspect I’ll get over it. Eventually. Maybe.

Profession tools – Love! This is certainly coming from the place of LEVEL ALL THE THINGS that I’ve got going on right now as I wait for MoP to hit. But having an extra 10 skillpoints in a given profession just because I’ve got the skinning knife or the mining pick in my bag already has been a nice bonus. My only real problem is that I left my high-level engineer on my old server and I now want all my alts to have a Gnomish Army Knife. I mean, sure, I could buy some off the AH, but that goes against every cheap bone I have in my body. Fortunately, I’m cooking up a workaround.

What changes do you love, like or simply loath?

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Twitter has too many limits

And my post titles never have much of anything to do with the actual content. I think they call that strategic marketing for the perpetually irrelevant and overlooked.

Ahem, anyhow. A while back, there was a baked goods recipe exchange that I took part in12 and it was a fun time. Since my personal menu isn’t remotely diverse enough, I thought it would be fun to kick off and organize something similar for entrees.

So if you are interested in a recipe exchange, please let me know! You can reply here in the comments, ping me on Twitter or use my contact form to email me directly. I will want to know the following:

  • If you want to receive a recipe that is simple, complex or somewhere in between
  • If you have any food allergies or aversions so you don’t end up with a recipe you would never want to eat

When you submit a recipe, I will need to know these things:

  • How it rates on the simple to complex scale (and how long it takes to prepare and cook)
  • Any substitutions that can easily be made for more obscure ingredients (or, say, for people who cannot cook with spirits)
  • Why you picked that recipe to share

I will then match each person up with an appropriate recipe and everyone will have a week to cook and write up a little something about the recipe they got, how it went in making it and maybe some pictures of at least the end result. That will be sent to me for the purposes of compilation, but we’ll pick a date when it’s okay to share it on your own blogs if you have them.

I’m going to go ahead and give us all two weeks to get this organized, so please let me know by September 23rd if you want to participate (and get me your recipe!) and I will match everyone up and get the recipes distributed to everyone by the 26th.

Questions or comments or snark remarks? You still know where to leave ‘em.

  1. And I could have SWORN I wrote a post about it with like pictures and things, but I cannot find it anywhere. So there’s that.
  2. Never mind. I found it. But it was toooohaaaard.
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