Guest post from the guest house

Today’s post comes from Elfi who is probably eating all my ice cream while I’m at work. She’s a guest at both my house and my blog and said something about wanting to tell people all about the real me. 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a guest post here, but recent events have compelled me to break out a keyboard and a clean sheet of WordPad and share a tale or two with you guys. See I am currently on vacation and my life is so thrilling that I have chosen to spend my money and my precious time away from work with Alas and her husband. Like actually all up in their grill, staying at their house and not in a hotel. A whole week of Alas, live and in-person. Jealous yet? You totally should be. The (real) world of Alas is so uber exciting, you guys have no idea. For one thing, I totally got to see the dentist office she went to as a child. Okay, I am not sure I actually saw it, but she pointed out the window into the rain and the darkness at one of the buildings flashing by and told me it was her childhood dentist office. This was right after she had just pointed out a street she used to drive down to reach the train station and right before I got to see where she worked a temp job for 2 days. I could hardly contain myself.

I apologize for not having been prepared enough to take pictures of these super exciting landmarks so that I could share them with you guys. I did take a camera on the trip with me, but darn the luck I kept “forgetting” to take it with me the several times I got carted around town to see the people and places that made Alas the jerk she is today. She really is a jerk, you know. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself very lucky to be one of the few people who has actually managed to worm my way into her inner circle of trust and have a tiny foothold in her little blackened heart. But don’t expect me to tell you about how sweet and thoughtful and funny and caring she really is on the inside, because that’s not going to happen. It doesn’t even matter that those things are true. Her policy is “I’m a jerk” and when you one day realize you’ve made it into her circle, you sign her standard “I will maintain that Alas is a jerk” contract, the act of which completely makes her a jerk anyway so it instantly becomes easy to adhere to.

I will, however, tell you (because it’s also in the contract that I must) that her husband, At, is the greatest and cutest thing ever in the world. Not to mention an amazing cook and a helluva bartender. He is the most non-jerkish person I’ve ever met which is how I suppose he ended up with Alas to begin with. Opposites attracting and all that jazz. He’s the kind of guy who won’t fix himself a cup of coffee without bringing you one or who jumps up immediately when he hears ice clinking in your glass to run and fix you another whiskey and Pepsi, even though you’ve already sucked down 3 within the hour. Then several more whiskey and Pepsi’s later, when he happens to be accidentally standing near you while you are puking, he will politely pretend he never noticed. The dude is awesome, for realz.

My trip out here wasn’t about sight-seeing or being touristy at all. That’s partially because I’ve visited this city several times in my past before I even knew Alas, so I’ve already seen most of the things people want to see here. The other part of the reason is because who really wants to be seen out in public with the likes of Alas? Seriously. I don’t know if you guys actually understand the depth of her crazy. I mean, she does things like insist that we have brunch on Labor Day instead of just breakfast. Then decides we should eat off of her fine china for brunch so we can be all fancy for no reason whatsoever. And then starts rambling on about how if we’re going to be eating such a fancy brunch off of such fine china, we should totally all be wearing top hats and monocles. That’s normal, right? I was starting to get concerned that she wasn’t going to let anyone eat until we figured out how to fashion ourselves some top hats and monocles out of common household items. Although, to be honest, I would have happily worn a top hat and monocle just for the priviledge of getting to nom down the fantastic homemade croissants she spent 12 hours making on Sunday. I mean, this chick may be mostly mean and completely weird, but I’ve never seen or tasted a more perfect croissant. Now I know why the dark side has cookies, because apparently evil people can bake their asses off.

Speaking of cookies, she did also bake some amazing chocolate and mint cookies for me. Enough for me to take some back home with me even. But before any of you start to think that’s a sign of her being nice, you should be aware that she has owed me these cookies for over a year now and had never delivered. She even claims that she tried to mail me cookies before but after a week or so the post office returned them to her. Mmmhmm, likely story. It took me being here 4 days and asking about cookies every day before she finally decided to get off her lazy ass and make them. Then when they were done and ready to be devoured, she waited until I had stuffed my mouth full before telling me she had spit in the batter. Which I don’t doubt a bit. I did manage to get a little bit of revenge on her though because I helped her finish an art/photo project she had been working on and told her repeatedly how awesome it turned out and how much I loved it, even though it wasn’t true. Now she’s got that shit hanging in her kitchen. Lol.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you about spending face time with Alas? She drinks a lot of wine, but that should be fairly obvious already to anyone who has heard her speak in Vent or tried to follow a conversation in guild chat. Or, let’s be honest, even tried to understand some of her ramblings here. She apparently is physically cold 97% of the time, but again, anyone who is familiar with her should have already guessed that as I’m sure it’s simply a side-effect of having a tiny, little blackened heart. Also, I’m convinced she is a liar because several weeks before I arrived she randomly accused me one day of being short and when I argued back to her that I was actually not short and told her I was 5′ 7″, she said she was 5′ 7″ too. Then when I landed and met her and At at the airport, she not only has a 1/2 inch or so on me, she wore a bit of a heel just so she could look down on me. She is seriously such an Alashole.

But I suppose I should probably say a positive thing or two now since I was so graciously allowed to interrupt their lives and invade their private spaces for a week. (Feel free to interpret that last sentence any way you desire).  So let’s see… what are some nice things I can say about Alas? She doesn’t scare me when she drives, which makes her like the 3rd person ever in my life who doesn’t scare me when they drive. So that’s cool. I got to spend time with her sister and her two adorable nephews on a couple of different occasions, which was nice because it meant I had someone normal to speak with other than At. She didn’t make me sleep on the floor or a couch during my visit. In fact, I had the downstairs bedroom and bathroom all to myself which was awesome. Of course, I’m still not convinced that finding a spider in the bathtub on the morning after my arrival was an accident because spiders are my biggest fear in life and I can totally see her planting one just to make me scream like a baby. Which I didn’t do because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.

My vacation was intended to help me reset some things in my life. I’ve had an extremely stressful summer with family drama and being single, I have no one at home to help me with my stress. Enter Alas and the reason I have chosen to escape into her world for a week. I’m not trying to imply that she cares or is helpful (she totally does and is, but don’t tell her I said so), but she does completely distract me with all of her grumpiness and derpiness and flailing about. I’ve had a few moments here of being lost inside my head, but I expected that to be part of the process of trying to just let the past couple of months go and try and get back to being me. I’m grateful to these two idiots for allowing me to use them to do so. I love them even more now than I already did.

In conclusion, Alas fails irl and in-game.

(she told me that had to be my closing line… true story)

Monday Minipost: Guest Artwork




I asked the artist if he minded my sharing this awesomesauce DINO IN A ROCKET on my blog. His reply was something like, “Auntie, please, I made that shit for you for your birthday because my mom said I had to. Now there’s a creek over there and I’m like three years old. I’m going to get MUDDY.”

I took all that as a yes. Yes, I was clear to share the awesome artwork.

How many of you get such awesome presents?

Five things swtor taught me

So, I was gone for a number months, playing that other MMO. As I mentioned before, I liked the game. It just couldn’t hold my interest long term. I compare that to WoW, and the fact that I played WoW for five years before I felt like I needed a break, and that I am enthusiastic about playing again. So, what are some things that set WoW apart for me?

1. I need what I’m doing to feel meaningful on a few different levels. Even if it’s a silly sort of meaningful, like that by doing dailies I also come closer to a new exalted reputation or some other achievement. Make all the “Yo dawg, I heard you like…” jokes you want here. But when I would run dailies in swtor, it was only for the credits. So that I could afford to raid because raiding itself was not at all lucrative. Not having something else to work towards in that time meant that it got really flat, really fast. Most of the time, I couldn’t be bothered.

2. Not having a meter means I don’t have any deep investment in my performance. That one probably sounds worse than it is. It’s not as though I headed into ops and facerolled my keyboard and hoped for the best. I worked on my rotation and made sure my gear was in good order. I wanted to pull my weight. But that was all I wanted. Say what you will about the competetive nature of dps when there’s a meter, but I love it. I love it even when I am dead freaking last. Striving for the top of the meter meant that I had something to aim for and kept me focused through trash pulls and bosses on farm. I could look at the numbers and say, “Okay, that guy did better than I did on that fight. What could I have done better? What can I do better next time?” But when you’re as blind to your own performance as you are to everyone else’s, it’s a little hard to care if you could improve when the only measure of success is whether all the things are dead or not.

3. Parallel leveling paths are a must. I actually wrote about my concern about there not being parallel leveling paths fairly early on in my time in swtor. There was no choice to go to Westfall rather than to Darkshore. The only variety came from your class quests or the conversation choices you made. As much as I tend to love alting, I didn’t care for having only the same content available to me no matter what I chose to play. At the end of my time in swtor, I had two level 50’s and a 40-something leveled mostly through space battles… and I could cheerfully never see most of that content ever again.

4. Better keybinding. Macros. I love macros. I love being able to bind many of the things to a few buttons and spam the shit out of it as needed. Well, guess what macro options you have in swtor? None. Nada. Zip. So in order to fit all the things I wanted to have easy access to on my action bars, I had to get more creative than WoW ever required that I do. Half of that was simply splurging on a hot new keyboard, since I rarely use my mouse for anything. Go look! I’ll wait. I’m certainly still under-utilizing that beast, but I have gotten some practice at using the modifier keys.

The silly thing is that it took having no macros in swtor to get me to realize that there were four keys very close to my movement home (I believe I’m something of a freak in that regard as I use the 10-key pad) that were free. I’m still working out what I want to map to Number Pad 0, 1, 3 and 5… but I have some ideas. No more hovering my mouse pointer over Time Warp waiting for the raid leader to call for it. I just need to make sure I don’t forget when it’s no longer an aggro dump or an adrenal. I mean potion. Totally meant potion.

5. The single most important thing I ever could have done as a GM was to recruit wisely. Granted, I could have learned this one in any game, but it was in swtor that I was able to put good recruiting practice into effect. Since everyone and everything was as new I was, it was easy to make a recruitment policy be the status quo in my guild. When I left swtor, it wasn’t at all with a sigh of relief that finally I was away from so-and-so. Well, maybe there was the one guy I wasn’t sad to leave behind, but them are some good odds, particularly when considering that every guild I’ve been in has had at least a handful of people who I dreaded to see log in. If I could go back in time and rewrite my stupid “How to be a GM” posts, I think I would spend a lot more time talking about how important it is to look for the right quality and caliber of people.

So, there you have it. That’s five things playing swtor taught me about gaming in general and about WoW. As a bonus sixth, I could add that I finally realized it’s okay to play another game if you need to. Next time I think I might be approaching burnout in WoW, I’ll just hop back to swtor on the F2P model… or try something new!

What have different games taught you about your primary game?

Bag and baggage

After my last post, a concerned friend hit me up on gtalk to tell me that I perhaps wasn’t being dodgy enough about my secret location. After all, she had no trouble hunting me down! And indeed, based off the information that I gave, I would expect that anyone with more than a passing familiarity with the WoW blogging community would be able to figure it out.

Fortunately, I’m mostly trying to keep my distance from some people that know of my blog but who aren’t otherwise plugged into the rest of this world. And I’m hopeful they gave up reading months ago, but only time will tell.

But the fact still remains that I’m very adamant about not going back to Azuremyst. I count up the number of people I’d like to never see again, even virtually, and realize I could just about put together a 10-person raid group with the names on that list.

Sobering thought.

It seems very dramatic to assert that any of these people are real enemies of mine or anything like that, although some of them have seemed very unwilling to bury whatever hatchets might exist and just move on. My last year in WoW was one of my purposefully seeking out different servers to play on and get away from the stress and drama, only to have people find out where I was and follow me, so that even my alt-time had a shadow cast over it. Some of that, I believe, was purposeful and some was likely purely coincidental, but the end result was the same. And this year, despite my not really playing and not really blogging, has been the year of my getting publicly attacked and blamed for shit that happened a year previous to the other person(s) writing about it.

And no, this isn’t about WOE UNTO ALAS, PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ME.1 This is about how difficult it is to look at things like this objectively when you feel somewhat stalked and harassed and when you’re the subject of angry rants out of the blue.

I understand the angry rant. I’ve written more than one or two, usually while in the middle of some situation. But a year later? I might have some strong feelings about a person or an issue, but I’m hardly likely to write about it like it’s currently poisoning my very enjoyment of life.

So while I was able to mock and dismiss these separate year-later blamefests wherein I was pointed to as the source of all evil in someone else’s gaming life, I do find myself troubled by the whole concept of there being an aversion so extreme on their end that they want to name my name and point fingers and an aversion so extreme on my end that I want to leave that server, change my name and never be found.2

But the popular saying about failed relationships is that maybe you’re the common denominator in all of yours. I’d be lying if I said that this was something I like to think about, but it is something that I have given some serious consideration. That’s where it’s hard to be objective. I can admit to having made mistakes, some more egregious than others. I can admit that I was always highly visible in my guilds. I’m certain I disappointed some people along the way.

After four shit, five years of doing (and a few of those spent writing about) the leadership thing, I still don’t believe I am any closer to figuring out how to be any good at it. I don’t know at which point in the social contract it’s on me to take blame and at which point I’m more or less innocent of wrongdoing.

So I’m writing it down in the hope that maybe seeing the words on the page will help to resolve my recent thoughts into some sort of sense. That I might have a moment of enlightenment about how to better handle the baggage I carry. I want to put it down. I want to walk away. I’ve even thought I did leave some of it behind, but occasionally I’ll find that the suitcase I thought I left by the wayside a few years ago was actually just repacked into a different suitcase and then strapped to my back where I couldn’t see it.

I feel like the metaphor is starting to fall apart or was never very good to begin with, and I’m not seeing a point on the horizon. I still don’t know what to do – if anything – with the carcasses of failed relationships and I think my metaphors are about to take a turn for the morbid. I’m not even sure if this little ramble makes any sort of sense to anyone looking at it.

Maybe it’s just that as much as I like to think a move is like a fresh start, it really isn’t. Coming back here to write about everything only solidifies that notion. Maybe the answer isn’t in hiding myself away from my past but in learning to really accept it and move it.

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried to start over only to find out that it didn’t go entirely the way you had hoped?

  1. A concept that I’m growing quite comfortable with, actually.
  2. I just paraphrased Brandi Carlile. I am awesome.

What I’ve done, what I’m doing

Between March and last month, I scarcely logged into WoW. SWTOR was fun – I won’t even say anything bad about it even though it obviously didn’t hold my interest for very long – and I am glad on many levels for the break in WoW time that it precipitated.

Coming back to WoW has been very much like easing back into a pair of well-worn shoes. It fits me just so through there. There’s no pinching. No chafing. I’m unlikely to have blisters even after a full day of walking around in them.

New Guild, New Server

Right now, I have a dual focus in WoW, largely thanks to a series of events set off by my move away from Azuremyst and the Effers. For one thing, the baby rogue I rolled over on Moonrunner in order to check out the New Guild (who isn’t so new to me anymore, but about whom I still prefer to be somewhat dodgy1) has been getting most of my time since my return. She’s 80 and still washed ashore on the frigid banks of Northrend. I’d had plans to simply stay there and complete the Loremaster of Northrend achievement and see how far that would get me XP- and level-wise.

However, with MoP just around the corner, I am considering simply trying to hustle her to 85 instead since Alas will require those herbalism skills to pursue her Alchemy. Being a dual-crafter has its drawbacks.

So much for the two characters I have in the New Guild.

That Other New Guild

With my return to WoW, At has decided to follow me both by switching games and by changing servers. I’ve been quoting a warped version of Ruth at him lately:

…whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy guild my guild:

Except, that’s not true. All the reasons that I really enjoy the New Guild are the reasons that At has no interest in being part of it. Things I listed off as assets – Quiet! Focused! Did I mention quiet?! – are negatives to his way of thinking.

So we brangled about for a while and argued over which options were better and have finally decided to keep Alas in the New Guild but to have a guild on the server that At can call home and fill that guild with our friends.

Apparently, I’m something of a magnet. I don’t understand it, but “At and I are derping around on this server” somehow became “At, Elfi, Grimm, More, maybe Azzah, and a part-time Crispy and maybe some other people too, I don’t really know, are going to derp about with extremely casual MoP raiding as we have the time and bloody well feel like it.” That’s on top of the alt-leveling derping we’re already doing in dungeons once a week, in the awesomely-named and Grimm-captained guild we made there.


Being on a new server has proved to be the best decision I could have ever made as it has given me a huge impetus to become self-sufficient once again. The guild in which At finds himself is brand new and has no perks whatsoever. The only professions we have easily available are the ones our two transferred mains carried over. Since I have nothing but time to play at work, I’ve been feverishly farming things on my rogue and sending them along to jumpstart the baby alt’s professions. Since that covers mining and herbing (not to mention the odd bits of cloth and random green drops), I’ve recently started up a baby hunter to tackle skinning and leather working.

Since my focus on my rogue is changing from “avoid Cataclysm” to “hurry up and hit 85 with profession at max,” I’ve decided to revive project #QuATT (Quest All The Things)2 on the baby hunter, so will be working on leveling and getting Loremaster of everything as I go. It’s absurd how quickly it goes with full heirlooms.

So that’s me and what I’ve been doing in anticipation of MoP. And I didn’t even get to say anything about the poor GM I encountered along the way. Maybe next time.

  1. This is no reflection at all on their general awesomeness, but more a desire to leave some of my past in the past. Considering how often it has followed me, I don’t think I’m being completely insane to keep my current guild/identity somewhat secret.
  2. I have a spreadsheet and everything for keeping tabs on random data I find interesting

Déjà who?

Er, hello there. This seems a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

This blog is like WoW. I just can’t seem to quit it.

Part of me is rolling my eyes in derision at my own inability to just make a decision and stick to it. At says I quit blogging here because I quit playing WoW, and while that is partially true, I felt that I had other reasons back in March to walk away. I’m not sure now that I know what those reasons were any more.

Honestly, it’s that same self-derision that’s been holding me back for a few weeks from doing anything about this desire to come back to the place that really feels like home. So why today? What’s changed?

Well, for one thing, it’s my birthday and apparently the day I come back from absences from blogging here. It’s like a tradition now. Expect me to “quit blogging” sometime in the future and then look for the return post next August.

For another thing, I am no longer clocking any real amount of time in swtor and have actively moved back to WoW as my primary MMO. I’ve been back for like five seconds and I suddenly have things that I feel a burning desire to talk about. Like how I’ve finally put some of my past to bed and how I plan on tackling my fresh start both in the game and on a new server.

I still wasn’t going to write anything here, but then At reminded me I’m not supposed to care what you guys think of me if I do. A few people have been supportive of the idea of my making another return, and I imagine the silent ones are also rolling their eyes and thinking I’m probably pretty pathetic.

Yeah, well, fuck you imaginary silent people who are judging me. I don’t care.

Thirdly (I have yet to gain any real coherency as you can all see), I started reading Quitter recently. I’m a whole two chapters in and I cannot begin to say how much this book is speaking to me and my life. I’ve been in a crisis of identity lately, all ONOES WHO I DOES WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP? HOW I AM 30 NAO?

And Quitter is helpful with practical advice about how to pursue your dreams so that you can eventually quit your day job.

I can’t begin to explain or even really understand for myself, why it is this spot, this blog that makes me want to write. I can’t draw up a chart of how writing here is different from the personal blog I took a stab at or that one thing I started about my fiction. All I know is that this is somehow my home on the Internet. This is somehow me and my identity and it gives me the courage and conviction I need to go after my dreams.

So I’m back. For realsies this time. And I’m scared and excited and generally derping all over the place.

We’ll just blame it on my age. All of it.

Distant longing

I knew right then that I’d return
To where I was before
And I was so tired of being away
That I just couldn’t stay anymore

-Brandi Carlile, What Did I Ever Come Here For?

This is as much a surprise to me as it probably is to you. No, I wouldn’t say I’m back or anything even remotely close to it. I haven’t missed blogging about WoW and I haven’t even really missed playing it for the past three months or so.

So why am I here?

Well, it’s sort of funny. Or at least I think it is.

The first part of it is that I have given up blogging about gaming at all. My SWTOR blog was short-lived! Turns out, that I don’t have the same wish to blog about gaming as I used to. I’ve come full circle and am actually elsewhere, attempting to write about things that occur to me as they relate to Real Life. It’s an interesting experiment for me since I’ve only told about five people what that URL is and my real life nonsense doesn’t come with a built-in potential audience in the same way a blog about an MMO does.

At the same time, writing about this specific topic doesn’t seem at all right for a real life space. Because it’s about WoW and about how the nostalgia that has kicked in lately is making me pine for the familiar climes of Azeroth. So for the same reason I left this space to write elsewhere, I am also coming back for this one little ramble that doesn’t belong anywhere but at Kiss My Alas.

Because if anyone might get this feeling I’ve been having, I suspect it’s someone who forgot to unsubscribe when I quit a few months ago.

And that’s the rest of the reason that I’m here. Because I’m homesick for my first MMO.

In the past few months a lot has happened. One of the most major events being that we got this kitchen (and the rest of the house too, I suppose):

An omnomnom place to nom


Because our sellers bought a short sale, they didn’t move out until late June, which worked out well for us in terms of the lease on our last place. The last week and a half has been a blur of boxes and stress and everything else that goes along with moving.

Most importantly, we don’t have Internet access as of yet. Because At decided to get a fiber connection. And there was no fiber existing in the neighborhood previously. Still isn’t, in fact. We have to wait until July 5.

So until that gets done, we have our home office set up and precious little that we can actually do there. (It’s been startling to see just how frequently my answer to anything is “Just Google that” when I’m not able to actually do so.) But one of the things I could do and that I now have the proper motivation to do (see: owning my own house again), was to actually find and prepare some screenshots from WoW to be printed out and stuck in a giant ass frame that I am totally going to hang in that beautiful kitchen.

Going through my folders of screenshots was a massive trip down memory lane.

It was a need to go home and a homecoming all at once.

The feeling I had was honestly bizarre when I stopped to think about it. It was almost as if these images were of places I had physically been. My heart longed for Azeroth in the same way it longs for Capitol Reef – a real life place that is so wrapped up in glorious childhood memories that it is unlike any other spot on this earth as far as I’m concerned.

And as I looked at image after image with places I could readily identify, I realized I was wrong to think I played WoW for the people. They’re an important part for sure, and major pieces of all the reasons why I’ve stayed and why I left, but I also find that I love Azeroth for Azeroth’s sake.

So for the first time in several months, I logged back in and – pleasantly surprised to see I didn’t get kicked out of the guild I moved to – just basked in the quiet of an empty guild and a less-than-busy Stormwind street.

Until I noticed it’s Midsummer. My favorite WoW holiday ever. And because I ache to see all the little spots that I think of as a virtual home, I immediately set about to piss on some Horde fires.

And now I know that as much as I enjoy SWTOR and as little inclination as I have to ever leave the wonderful guild I have there, WoW will always be my first love. I guess we’re just not completely done with each other yet.

Kiss My Alas Goodbye

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m down to playing WoW about one night a week. And then some weeks – like last one – I’ll pretty much miss it entirely because something from real life has cropped up. Like the minding of my four-month old nephew.

And that’s okay.

But along with that, there’s been a mix of things going on lately that have made me stop to evaluate this blog and what I am doing here. One of the things is that it seems that every time someone I read links to someone else, it’s to someone I’ve never even heard of. New bloggers on the scene are great, but I am not keeping up with the ever-shifting WoW blogging community at all these days.

Between that and feeling like nothing I say here about WoW could possibly be relevant anymore, I’m starting to feel more and more like an outsider to the whole circle.

And that’s okay, too. I’m not saying these things in an attempt to garner sympathy.

Lastly, blogging mostly about my real life doesn’t feel right in this space. I was a WoW blog for more than two years, and a total shift away from that focus hasn’t really worked for me. Not that I don’t enjoy sharing my tales of real life idiocy with you all, but it’s a bit like trying to shove an elephant into tiny glass slippers. There’s just no way it could ever fit.

I was talking this over with At this morning – how I don’t fit into the WoW blogosphere anymore and how what I do have to write about doesn’t fit into my blog. I am still playing WoW… but I suspect you guys can only tolerate so many stories about how the New Guild has carried my undeserving ass through something. Like maybe two stories. I’ve hit the quota already.

So I guess I’m quitting.

And those are some hard words to write, but I can’t keep waffling around on this issue. You have to know when to pack it in and I think I am actually overdue to make the move.

Still sort of around

The good news (or the bad news, I suppose, depending on how you feel about me) is that even though I’m not blogging here anymore, I still get to hang around in other virtual places. I don’t have to give up the friendships I’ve made.

I’ll still be on Twitter, though I suspect not as @KissMyAlas. Or I may keep the name but start doing more tweeting about anything I’m doing that is SWTOR related. I understand some people feel strongly about wanting to follow a person because of the one specific game that they had in common. God knows I unfollowed enough people who wouldn’t turn off their fucking Rift achievement spam. But I don’t want to try to rebuild my whole list of people I enjoy conversing with about other things just because some people might really not want to hear about That Other Game. The point is, I’m not starting over there.

And my other two blogs will still be up and going and hopefully getting more attention from me once I’ve shed the weight of this blog.

And guys? This has been a great ride. One I’ll frankly miss for some time to come. So many of you have touched my life in ways you’ll never know. I hope I get to hold onto most of you in some way or another even after making this last post.

In closing, some thanks

I think some thanks are due and please know that even if I don’t mention you by name, it’s not because I’m trying to exclude anyone. It’s because these are the people who have shaped the nature of this blog to the point where I can’t imagine how it might have been without them. Even if they had no idea that they impacted me so much.

To Zelmaru: Not blogging about WoW for a while now, but still the first stranger who came by and really connected with me. I was so damn excited when I got your comment because you. Got. Me. And then later on, I got you.

To Tamarind: Also not blogging about WoW for quite some time now and dearly missed. Thanks for Gerald, lengthy comments and linking to me those times. And for letting me run with DinoTam as long as I did. I don’t suppose you’ll read this, but it had to be said because your impact on me was huge.

To Cynwise and Psynister: For both being incredibly awesome and down-to-earth. I was so intimidated by both of you when I first started this blog and you both proved there was no reason to be – because you’re both warm and accepting and great encouragers. (Both, both, both. This thank you needs more both.)

To Elfi: For always keeping me in check. You have a unique blend of love and smackdown. And I can’t live without either.

To Saga: I still think of you as a soul sister. You could always sympathize with my more end-of-my-tether posts and I never felt like I was alone when you dropped by to offer support and sympathy.

And to Amber: Because I still blame you that I ever got started in the first place.

Updates and the dumb

I’m yammering about my real life again. Hold the excitement, please.

The House Search

The great house search of 2012 has born fruit, only a bit more than one week into it. Last night we both fell in love with a house and made an offer.

I mean, just look at the kitchen. And know that the pictures don’t really do it justice.

An omnomnom place to nom


So that’s all very exciting and scary and I’m sort of waiting with baited breath to see what the counter-offer will be. And then experiencing brief flashes of mild panic about the fact that our lease isn’t up until June – even though we should be able to find a new renter because, really, we got a fantastic deal on that condo.

The Weight Loss Program

I had a small gain last week, which left me pretty disappointed. And then I had a really difficult weekend, because it seemed that everything I had available to eat cost all the points for only small servings! And I was hitting a bit more than my max daily points both days.

Between that and the gain, I was all bitter and cranky and freaking hungry and I was sort of mean to poor At. He’s so patient and way too good to me, you guys. I can’t even say.

But I was also dumb. I think you guys like my Alas is Very Dumb stories, no?

The Excessive Dumbness

Part of following Weight Watchers has involved a lot of my sitting at a computer and attempting to enter the information from what we’re cooking into the recipe builder. This is somewhat difficult as we both tend to eyeball things rather than measure them properly. Weight Watchers is all about precision, so it’s sort of a lot of work to add something from our regular menu to the site.

Over the weekend, it was pizza. I use Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe because I’m still sort of on my baking kick and it’s really convenient to have pizza dough ready to pull out of the freezer and use on a whim. Not to mention cheaper and healthier than ordering from Pizza Hut.

We top our pizzas with mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, fresh basil, fresh Roma tomatoes and black olives. Sometimes I’ll make a white garlic sauce and sometimes we’ll use the all-natural red sauce we found at the store.

So we made pizza for dinner on Saturday. Just one pizza since that’s all we had the dough for. While it baked, I went back to the office with all the nutrition labels and started to enter in the list of ingredients. And then I gasped in horror because it worked out to 7 points a slice.

I was devastated. And unsure that I could get through the rest of the night on two pieces of very thin crusted pizza.

But I was also dumb. Because I had used the information from Pioneer Woman’s recipe – which is for two crusts and two pizzas. Not one. I had then used the proper topping information for one pizza, but I tell you, the 4 cups of flour and the 1/3 cup olive oil not split in half as they should have been…. Well, it was killing me.

I only just realized my mistake this morning. After starving on Saturday and eating only two slices of pizza for dinner then and lunch yesterday. Yes. At found me laughing in a somewhat unhinged manner and I’m still not sure if the tears were from laughing so hard or because I was so sad.

I’ve now gone back and modified the recipe in my recipe builder to reflect half the amounts of ingredients that went into the dough and – what do you know? – it should have been 4 points a slice.

I starved for nothing.

Because I’m a dumbass.