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Because I think you guys could write some awful poetry

Remember how I used to have contests and things? Remember how some of those included poetry? I miss those days, guys. Related to this is that the fabulous Elfi sent me some codes for minipets. I have two: one for … Continue reading

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Eff the Ineffable wants you!

Okay, possibly we don’t want you… or you… or that smelly guy over there in the corner, but we are looking to pick up another member for Team Heal. If you’ve been living under a rock, you can also read … Continue reading

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This seems dangerous

Alas finally managed to lay hands on a a new weapon this past weekend and, after getting it enchanted and reforged, wandered off to try to kill more things. Being the stats-centric person that I am, I didn’t really bother … Continue reading

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Darcy can’t be bothered to look at your pathetic mana pools

Chapter 31 Colonel Fitzwilliam’s manners were very much admired by the visiting alts, and they all felt that he must add considerably to the pleasures of their engagements at <Rosings>. It was some days, however, before they received any invitation … Continue reading

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Things that have annoyed me recently

My neighbors. There’s the one who insists on believing he is a drummer and gleefully bangs away for an hour or more every night. That shouldn’t be permitted in an apartment-style living situation. Especially if you’re so awful that it sounds … Continue reading

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New hunter, new famous pet

A few days ago I caught a bit of an exchange on Twitter that centered around what rapper names it would be fun to give to hunter pets in WoW. After some extensive research (see: my asking “Who started this … Continue reading

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An Effing Conversation

This is why not even one of us should be allowed to be on drugs. Even prescribed ones.

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I’m entering the Blizz writing contest – are you?

I’ve once again managed to completely derail myself from writing that novel I keep threatening to make progress on. Because I’m awesome like that. Okay, it’s actually pretty fail of me. I wrote the first chapter and then two weeks … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday

God. I can’t help it. I’m lame. We all know this. So, yes, Weight Loss Wednesday is now A Thing. With the great move of 2010-2011 finally over, I’m getting back into a real routine at last. Back in Missouri, … Continue reading

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How to be a great GM

Lately, I’ve had a lot of search terms come up for how to be a good GM or raid leader and all manner of questions pertaining to good leadership and how to be an excellent leader. I certainly don’t think … Continue reading

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