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Anyone want to take a, um, crack at captioning this picture? I know. It’s in horrible taste. Doesn’t stop me from giggling like a fool.

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Boring site management

Hello, readers, look at my sidebar, now back to me, now back at my sidebar, now back to me. Sadly, I fail at updating my blogroll, but if you would take a gander and let me know of any gaps, … Continue reading

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DinoTam Poetry (again)

I like to crunch I like to munch All of Azeroth’s critters Except for all those creepy ones (As I have mentioned on Twitter) Mouthful of rabbit Bite of deer And a snack of chicken over here Shred a ram … Continue reading

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Archaeology – there should be an app for that

Being currently unemployed and with only so many job applications one can fill out in a given day, I suddenly have rather more time for WoW. Since I still run most dailies with At, there’s a somewhat limited number of … Continue reading

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Never move a sleeping dino

Ho all. As many of you might be aware, it’s winter out there. As many others might know, I’ve just spent a frantic bit of time moving. Across the country. With an ungodly number of things. Most of our stuff … Continue reading

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Homework for raiders?

Dear prettyfull readers, I keep starting posts and then never finishing them because I am getting waylaid by details about moving and then it’s time to bitch about my boss being a jackhole and then it’s time to look at … Continue reading

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Mind dump (because I can)

Welcome to another real life post, courtesy of my inability to contain myself. Big, big things have been underway recently. People on Twitter may collectively yawn and bugger off if they like, since I have made disjointed updates there. Well, … Continue reading

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In case further proof was needed

More evidence that I am super!lame: I… I’m sick. And I was cleaning all day! Yeah. No telling what sort of fumes I might have inhaled. If you don’t get the reference, look here. ALSO, Zel demanded I include a … Continue reading

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On fierceness and floral slurs

This past weekend was just bursting with things happening in guild. I’ll be getting around to writing about it very soon (probably tomorrow, actually), but I want to take a moment to focus on some levity today. Monday doesn’t need … Continue reading

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Alas’ Strats – or, the LK fight looks like a goddamn daisy

So I told some people that I would give a rough notion of what we… intended to do so far as positioning for the LK fight. I also promised it would have bad art and be confusing. I definitely managed … Continue reading

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