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I am always me

With the recent bout of drama that has gone on in my neck of the woods, I have been confronted a few times now with an argument that I find rather illogical. This is not the first time I have … Continue reading

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On farewells

I’m writing this on the slow and hated laptop as I sit on a camp chair in what is largely an empty house. The movers came yesterday and I watched as they wrapped up all my furniture and carted out … Continue reading

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Mage CC – not just sheep anymore

Despite how many hours we’ve had to divert to packing, At and I have managed to play for a bit of time most nights and have made our way through Hyjal, Deepholm and Uldum. We’ve also run a few dungeons … Continue reading

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Circling back around

I talked about applications a while ago, asking what people thought of them in general. I now want to go ahead and dump some text here for a critique from anyone who would be so kind. We’re still hammering things … Continue reading

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On guild requirements: When do they become unreasonable?

I had an officer stealth gquit while I was away for Thanksgiving, bringing me down to a comfortable total of three officers. The reason he cited was that he hates authenticators and we are moving to requiring authenticators for all … Continue reading

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Play our heart's lament like an unrehearsed symphony

I’ve been staring at this screen for the past many minutes, wondering how to put into words the events of last weekend and how it has affected me. The short story is that I had that officer quit the guild … Continue reading

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Alas' Strats – or, the LK fight looks like a goddamn daisy

So I told some people that I would give a rough notion of what we… intended to do so far as positioning for the LK fight. I also promised it would have bad art and be confusing. I definitely managed … Continue reading

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p.s. ur an elitist

I’m cheating here, writing this post before I have really delved too far into my daily NaNo goals. Because it’s how I roll – and I’ve been having these thought clattering about in my brain for a while now and … Continue reading

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On this, the day of my blogoversary

My blogging doors have been open for a whole year today. That’s so little and so much all at once. Because I’m a retrospective sort (when I feel like it), I wanted to spend a little time looking back. There’s … Continue reading

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Wherein I am late to the 4.0 party

So I am back from my all-too-quick and emotionally-charged travels and, as predicted, trying to play catch up in the world of 4.0. My reactions have varied from “ooooh, pretty!” (regarding the water, as I logged on in Booty Bay) … Continue reading

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