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Insert awesome title here

Edited to add before I’ve even properly begun – you should also go read What’s With Gender? by Windsoar of Jaded Alt. It’s a interesting look at the topic and just happened to be somewhat adjacent to what I had … Continue reading

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A glimpse of real life

As I might have mentioned a million or two times before, At has graduated. This is a pretty big damn deal to me as it’s taken about a decade for him to finish a four year degree. These are the … Continue reading

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How to hide your rage so you look like a civilized GM

I once watched this extremely terrible movie called Vertical Limit. At least, I assume it’s terrible because I don’t remember much about it, other than that there was a lot of snow and a bunch of nuts trying to climb … Continue reading

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Pre-Cata planning (spoiler free)

All the recent chatter about Cataclysm has me thinking and planning a bit more than I have really bothered to up to this point. The details that recently got leaked don’t interest me much, because everything is subject to change … Continue reading

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I’m not a nanny

It’s been a few months since I’ve talked very extensively about leadership or communication. It seems like a good rabbit hole to go down today. Back in January, I was just coming into the notion of being the GM of … Continue reading

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In which I am thoroughly neurotic

This will be one of those more personal posts I mentioned a few days ago, although I will not be talking about reproduction this time, hooray! One of the things that’s been on my mind lately are some of the … Continue reading

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