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Why I’m not raiding tonight

At and I have been married for eight years today. We have traditions on our wedding day, as I am sure most married couples do. We usually recite our vows to each other, often in the quiet of the evening. … Continue reading

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The value of a respite

Before raid time hit last night, it had been one week since I had last raided. A week isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it was restful for me and, I think, a needed break for everyone. … Continue reading

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Alas’ New Treadmill Computer Desk

Hi all, @Ataraxaven here. In case you don’t know who I am, I tank for Alas IRL and in game as her husband :) Just wanted to show off a project that was finished last week forĀ @KissMyAlas, a treadmill computer … Continue reading

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Things I am doing

I don’t know why I feel the need to explain my lack of presence around here lately. I suppose I feel guilty for not making much of an effort to reply to comments. Anyhow, I am quite busy and with … Continue reading

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Epic Chest

NOT MY CHEST. THE SHIRT. OMG PEOPLE. I suppose this picture proves that I am very white and probably a girl, eh?  

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The interconnectedness of all things

My feet hurt. I suspect it’s because I don’t have much need to dress up these days, boots and all – and let’s face it, if no one makes me dress up for work or weddings I am just not … Continue reading

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Mind dump (because I can)

Welcome to another real life post, courtesy of my inability to contain myself. Big, big things have been underway recently. People on Twitter may collectively yawn and bugger off if they like, since I have made disjointed updates there. Well, … Continue reading

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p.s. ur an elitist

I’m cheating here, writing this post before I have really delved too far into my daily NaNo goals. Because it’s how I roll – and I’ve been having these thought clattering about in my brain for a while now and … Continue reading

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Dear Self

This was inspired and frankly ripped off from Amber of I Like Bubbles. Upon reading her post, At and I looked at each other and got thoughtful about the things we would tell our Level 1 selves if we could. … Continue reading

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As might have been mentioned around here more than once or twice, I’m pretty lame. Lately, I’ve been daydreaming about which abilities I would most like to have in real life. I’ve pretty much got it narrowed down to the … Continue reading

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