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Profession-centric leveling and why I shouldn’t do it

So I’ve been on Moonrunner for a while, right? And when I switched servers from Azuremyst I got all, “I don’t need to pay real money for transferring all my alts! I will just roll new ones!” This was all … Continue reading

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Hitting a snag

Project QuATT is giving me problems. Outland is a major pain in my ass just at the moment. Getting Hellfire squared away is easy enough, and I had no issues there. Ditto for Zangarmarsh. Terokkar was a bit more of … Continue reading

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Lagging out

Hey guys. Have I complained yet about my recent job development? Have I even mentioned the job development? It… would not appear so, unless I have bitched briefly and idly on The Twittahs. Well, I’m not surprised.1 I have been … Continue reading

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I have a number of questions

And that number is two: 1. How on earth did the DPS warrior contrive to DIE in the first 10 seconds when he managed all of 7k dps? 2. Why can’t I sustain my initial burst damage of 70k dps? /pout … Continue reading

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Give us this day our daily rant

You know how, in romantic movies, there is often a scene where both of the lead characters reach for the same item and brush each other’s hand? They then look at each other with surprise and their raised eyebrows swiftly … Continue reading

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Rage against the VP cap

After putting in a solid week of being faithful about doing all my dailies every day, I’ve found that’s about enough to hit the VP cap a few days before the weekly reset. I am, much like Lady Catherine De … Continue reading

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This story begins as many stories do: with the fact that all weather men are liars. I had a week of sunshine promised to me, no precipitation of any sort and I was hopeful that perhaps we were on our … Continue reading

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I healed a raid

And I was really bad at it! This expansion has definitely been the expansion of my main. Alas sees most of my playtime and effort, with any free time I have going towards little projects in game (like my quest … Continue reading

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Reminder: Self, this is why you don’t pug

I wrote recently about DPS utility. This is something I pride myself on in general: If something needs to stay locked down then it will stay locked down, barring the uncontrollable derp of party members. Effers are typically quite good at respecting … Continue reading

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My guildies don’t know better

So, we Effers are having yet another energetic discussion on the forums and I’ve been keeping very on top of it for a change (I’m at work but they don’t have anything for me to do…. so I am waiting? … Continue reading

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