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Patch notes and how my alts suffer

Tuesday. Maintenance day. For bloggers, a day many aim for to have their best content ready to go, since their potential audience will also be unable to log in and will be forced to look for their entertainment from other … Continue reading

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On gathering and ninjas, a rant

Dear WoW-playing community at large: When I farm on my druid, I have to take a no-aggression stance with any mobs that might be nearby. After all, I am leveling her from 80-85 through farming and exploration XP, with only … Continue reading

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much afraid

Is it wrong to admire a fictional character that I control and for whom I make decisions? Because I do. I admire Alas so very much. She’s brave and confident in a way that I just am not. I’m certain … Continue reading

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Engrish in WoW

I had nothing today but then the WoW gods saw fit to provide me with a little gem of WoW Engrish. And then another one! It was like a double feature. “The rockling offers great gravely sigh of appretiation.” There … Continue reading

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Cataclysm: My frustrations

I’ve been recently¬†dissatisfied¬†with WoW. I think this is due to several reasons: some lingering drama from leaving my old guild, my new guild being very small still, and the sense that I am already out of things to do on … Continue reading

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Tired of turning the other cheek

Rhii wrote recently that she was looking at joining a raiding guild that has lately lost four officers and she is understandably concerned that perhaps joining that particular guild isn’t the right move. I don’t blame her… even though that … Continue reading

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There is no QQ in “team”

The longer I do this GM/Raid Leader thing, the more convinced I am that a guild needs only two rules or guidelines to cover their bases. The first is the ever popular DBAD – or Don’t Be A Dick rule. … Continue reading

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What comes under a Bee Pit rank?

Since 4.0.1, I have been subjected to a whole lot of complaints and general whining that WoW is now too hard (wtf?), people want to stop playing (double wtf?), and we should go back to the dark ages of raiding … Continue reading

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Life as a gm: /cast [target=self] STFU

One of the (many) things I have learned in being a GM is that it demands a lot of self-censorship and self-control. As a GM, I no longer have the right to free speech because if I say the wrong … Continue reading

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Dear Self

This was inspired and frankly ripped off from Amber of I Like Bubbles. Upon reading her post, At and I looked at each other and got thoughtful about the things we would tell our Level 1 selves if we could. … Continue reading

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