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Where’s mah bukkit (list)?

There’s something about the twilight of an expansion that energizes me to spend more time doing things I meant to get to done sooner. It’s a little odd, because a lot of the things I mean to do aren’t dependent … Continue reading

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The tragedy of “I will”

Last night, At and I took a break from WoW to watch a movie instead. We’ve had a few pile up on us lately and had been putting them off long enough that it was getting ridiculous. Part of the … Continue reading

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Love of meters is the root of all evil

I would like to try an experiment. I would like to see how a raid goes if no one were allowed to run Recount or Skada during any of the fights. After a great deal of thought and observation, I … Continue reading

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My raid leader is a meanie poo poo head!

A few days back, I had someone find my blog by searching the following: my raid leader is a jackass While I find that – and similar search terms that have led people here over time – terribly funny from … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s better to not think about things

We’ve recently started running a second 10-man group through ICC, which is comprised of a few raiders who don’t normally get to attend our progression raiding nights and for whomever has an alt that they want to drag through ICC … Continue reading

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And the shark will have his day

I only regret that this didn’t happen last week. It would have been so very appropriate. At and I were Horde-side, for the first time in a quite a while, and still working our way through Howling Fjord. Having gotten … Continue reading

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Tugging threads

Even as I start to write this out, I’m not certain I can make fully coherent sense. This whole Real ID thing has yanked on a thread though, and the more I think about it, the more I have to … Continue reading

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My scary day

I just don’t have time to make an epic tale of this, so I’m going to condense everything into a few points. 1. If you are webmonkey-dumb, like I am, tell whichever webmonkey you might have in your life that … Continue reading

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Tamarind the nearly completely useless

When I first decided to capture and tame a dinosaur and name him Tamarind, I thought the idea had come to me only because of Tamarind the blogger’s admiration and strange love affair with dinosaurs of fuck off enormous size. … Continue reading

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Haiku Monday: Ode to Screenshots

Screenshots are awesome They make blogging easier I wish I had mine!

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