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Weekend torture (or omg this post has no point)

I’m coming off a rather torturous weekend and into a Monday morning that so far contains a variety of allergy-related muck and a brain that seems rather murky from the combination of said allergies and a night that was not … Continue reading

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On Analytics

At recently put his web guru hat on for me and made a few changes around here. Two of my favorites are having Intense Debate for the comments and having the Google Analytics tracking code properly installed. How many other … Continue reading

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Alas reviews “Stormrage”

I’m not sure why I like to keep to hurting myself this way, but I keep reading the official WoW books o’ lore. I think it’s because At keeps buying them. Some of them are certainly better than others, although … Continue reading

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The stupidest form of life

I submit that most hunters are still largely deserving of the appellation huntard. I had the dire misfortune to end up in a Blackfathom Deeps run on my baby, horde side mage and in that brief amount of time cycled … Continue reading

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The life and trials of a part time fail tank

I tanked Razorscale last night on a second (alt) weekly raid run. It was Alleluia’s first time setting hoof in the instance and I admit I was pretty nervous about it. I’m always nervous about tanking, so that is nothing … Continue reading

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With a strange week of raiding behind us, I decided that we had to make a concentrated effort to see some progression this last weekend. We were well set up for it since after running the weekly boss (Razorscale, which … Continue reading

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The world gone mad

I believe I have mentioned here before that I really loath PvP. Like, with all the fire and passion of a billion exploding suns. So it was, all in all, a really bad thing that I was idling around in … Continue reading

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Open letter to Retaliation battlegroup PUGs

Dear warrior and DK that ended up being the other two DPS in the heroic FoS PUG: Your DPS is abysmal. I don’t know how anyone can be 80 and pull barely over 1000 DPS, unless they are a healer … Continue reading

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Low level PUGs can kiss my ass!

At and I have been ignoring our horde side lowbies for a while but decided to put them through their paces today. We decided to run a few instances, swapping out on toons so I could pally tank with his … Continue reading

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Open letter to raiders

Dear, dear raiders. What the hell? I am not the raid leader because I love to hear myself talk all night long. Nor do I take it on just to abuse raid warnings and other specially colored text. I also … Continue reading

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