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I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately. Like about 5 minute’s worth. And under the extreme and rigorous scientific ¬†conditions of some tests I’ve run (mostly in Portal 2, which is when I was doing the thinking about … Continue reading

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An Effing Conversation

This is why not even one of us should be allowed to be on drugs. Even prescribed ones.

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Surreptitious micro posting from the phone at work

Firstly, my website has been hacked, y’all! There are new quotes from my effing funny Effers over thataway —> and I had nothing to do with putting them there! I suspect that Team Heal is behind the hack, because Zel … Continue reading

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Fancy Art Submissions

This piece of fine art comes from Amber, of I Like Bubbles. Alas 2.0 is now 68 and I have yet to actually meet my namesake in game, but I think this is a beautiful rendition. There’s so much realism … Continue reading

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Mon Dieu, je regrette…

An apology for last week’s post, which was apparently only funny to me. Dedicated to my fabulous and apparently¬†spiteful Team Heal. I learned the hard way One does not mock the lightwell Unless one likes death Don’t do it, kids. … Continue reading

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Things I am doing

I don’t know why I feel the need to explain my lack of presence around here lately. I suppose I feel guilty for not making much of an effort to reply to comments. Anyhow, I am quite busy and with … Continue reading

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Hitting 85, let me count the ways

I had my fourth character hit 85 today. It occured to me as I worked towards it, that all four of my 85’s have reached that level in different ways. Alas was a combination of questing and dungeon running. She … Continue reading

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From ‘stfu’ to Sheen

It’s been a while since I’ve included random guild chatter. Here’s a bit from last night as we were forming up for a raid. It all started when I was going to ask a question about the healing team (we … Continue reading

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Patch notes and how my alts suffer

Tuesday. Maintenance day. For bloggers, a day many aim for to have their best content ready to go, since their potential audience will also be unable to log in and will be forced to look for their entertainment from other … Continue reading

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A non-hypothetical fishing extravaganza

You’re invited! WHO: You. Your mom. Your dog. I don’t care. Every little bit helps! WHAT: An event that is part Jeopardy and part fishing. WHERE: Azuremyst – US, in the oft-mentioned guild <Eff the Ineffable> (Alliance side, yo) WHEN: … Continue reading

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