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Yes, count it, 233%

I’ve been a bit sour around here lately regarding the game and the levels of fun and immersion I’ve been having – or not having, as the case may be. But then I found some fun again. Last Thursday, on … Continue reading

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Missing milestones

Today, I realized that the seventh of July passed me right on by without my doing any more to recognize it than making sure a certain bill got paid. Such is my life lately. The seventh isn’t really all that … Continue reading

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Penance Envy. Do you have it?

Last night, as I was spending a bit of time on an alt, I realized something. Something important. It all starts with a Gnomish Psychotic Psychologist, who postulated many theories related to size and class. The Gnome’s name was Fraud. … Continue reading

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Pallies ATTACK!

The first time I ever encountered someone in the game who was more of a noob than I was, I began to understand how frustrating I might have been to my friend who got me playing and who would occasionally … Continue reading

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Kiss My Alack?

I was going to make a post today about how we now have three raiding mages and how the competition for cloth gear is getting just a little too fierce for me to want any part of it. These things … Continue reading

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Ramblings of a rabid altoholic

With quite a bit of free time on my hands during the day, I’ve been alting around rather a lot. Alas 2.0 is now level 55 and – despite the changes to old Azeroth, I still don’t much care for … Continue reading

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Hitting 85, let me count the ways

I had my fourth character hit 85 today. It occured to me as I worked towards it, that all four of my 85’s have reached that level in different ways. Alas was a combination of questing and dungeon running. She … Continue reading

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Patch notes and how my alts suffer

Tuesday. Maintenance day. For bloggers, a day many aim for to have their best content ready to go, since their potential audience will also be unable to log in and will be forced to look for their entertainment from other … Continue reading

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Leveling a mage in Cataclysm

I have exactly one mage who has managed to hit the level cap, but over the years I have dabbled with little project mages here and there. I got one to 20 with SAN before I got RAF-dinged all the … Continue reading

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On gathering and ninjas, a rant

Dear WoW-playing community at large: When I farm on my druid, I have to take a no-aggression stance with any mobs that might be nearby. After all, I am leveling her from 80-85 through farming and exploration XP, with only … Continue reading

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