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Farming with a toddler

I’ve been spending many of my mornings in game, farming various things on various characters before the server is overrun by other people. It’s been fruitful and peaceful and I am nearing several profession maximums. At least, it’s peaceful until … Continue reading

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Engrish in WoW

I had nothing today but then the WoW gods saw fit to provide me with a little gem of WoW Engrish. And then another one! It was like a double feature. “The rockling offers great gravely sigh of appretiation.” There … Continue reading

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Cataclysm: My frustrations

I’ve been recently dissatisfied with WoW. I think this is due to several reasons: some lingering drama from leaving my old guild, my new guild being very small still, and the sense that I am already out of things to do on … Continue reading

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Archaeology – there should be an app for that

Being currently unemployed and with only so many job applications one can fill out in a given day, I suddenly have rather more time for WoW. Since I still run most dailies with At, there’s a somewhat limited number of … Continue reading

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Mage CC – not just sheep anymore

Despite how many hours we’ve had to divert to packing, At and I have managed to play for a bit of time most nights and have made our way through Hyjal, Deepholm and Uldum. We’ve also run a few dungeons … Continue reading

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Mulch my boss, mulch this job!

Hello all – A quick note here just to say hey and give a quick wave. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to write about WoW since I have scarcely been in it since the 7th. Alas and At … Continue reading

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I want to do it all

So I guess I might have to quit my job to make that possible. I have a deal with myself to write about 1700 words for Emergent every day to meet my NaNo goals before I let myself do anything … Continue reading

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On the taming of MiniTam

Like many men, MiniTam had some initial issues with the idea of commitment. Even though he knew as well as I did that it was love at first sight, the idea of settling down with one hunter was such that … Continue reading

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Leveling is just like real life

I had a birthday recently and a cousin wished me happy by pointing out how many more “levels” I had to get until I hit the cap and, presumably, died. I found it funny, although my cousin was apologetic for … Continue reading

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Cooking with Alas

I feel this one will need a little background. Back  when Wrath of the Lich King first released, At and I took off an extra day or two from work like the good geeks we are and had a LAN … Continue reading

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