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Friday Five: Things on my mind

I miss blogging. It’s been a long time since I have made this form of writing a part of my daily, weekly or even monthly life. I am aiming to change that, though God only knows what nonsense I’ll come … Continue reading

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Focus, several months later

I blogged towards the beginning of the year that I wanted to make my One Word for 2013 be the word “Focus.” I’ve been awfully quiet around here as of late, so here’s a quick post talking about my progress … Continue reading

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Update: Quest All the Things

Ages ago, I set myself a task to earn Loremaster as I leveled a character. I’ve been curious about how the exercise would work out in terms of finishing content at which levels. In fact, I have been so curious … Continue reading

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One Word

I don’t know how many of you have heard of One Word. I’ve known about it for a few years now, but I haven’t ever bothered to try to fine one word that could sum up my whole intentions for … Continue reading

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quotable quotes

I quote WoW a lot. It seeps into my daily conversation and I often find myself using a line on a coworker or a family member who knows nothing about the game and invariably end up getting funny looks. Especially … Continue reading

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To Done Lists

I adore a good list. I don’t think that this information would come as a surprise to anyone with more than a passing familiarity with me. I make lists for everything, it seems, from packing for an overnight stay to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on MoP

With all my spare moments of late having gone to actually experiencing MoP, I am well behind the general curve of writing about it. That’s okay. If I were ever topical and timely, I think the world would end. As … Continue reading

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Loving, liking, hating

I’ll be honest. I only think that most of the changes I’ve noticed in game have been from the recent patch, and I more than half suspect one might have come during the hiatus of several months that I took … Continue reading

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Five things swtor taught me

So, I was gone for a number months, playing that other MMO. As I mentioned before, I liked the game. It just couldn’t hold my interest long term. I compare that to WoW, and the fact that I played WoW … Continue reading

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Two things

One: Look at my awesome Geek Decor!   And two: Some people have been asking, even though I thought I made it abundantly clear in earlier posts. I’m going to assume you’re not hanging on my every word because… well… … Continue reading

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