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Odds and Ends

Remember when I had something to write about every day? Me neither. Oh well. Writing has not been something for which I have had much mojo lately, for which I blame several stressful months at work. At least my terrible … Continue reading

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On not raiding

It’s been over a month since I last raided. Last week, I was thinking that it had been a month, and then I spent the whole week in between then and now trying to figure out how I feel about … Continue reading

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Hitting a snag

Project QuATT is giving me problems. Outland is a major pain in my ass just at the moment. Getting Hellfire squared away is easy enough, and I had no issues there. Ditto for Zangarmarsh. Terokkar was a bit more of … Continue reading

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Update: Quest All the Things

Ages ago, I set myself a task to earn Loremaster as I leveled a character. I’ve been curious about how the exercise would work out in terms of finishing content at which levels. In fact, I have been so curious … Continue reading

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I’m a monster!


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What I’ve done, what I’m doing

Between March and last month, I scarcely logged into WoW. SWTOR was fun – I won’t even say anything bad about it even though it obviously didn’t hold my interest for very long – and I am glad on many … Continue reading

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