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On Returns

Ah, BlizzCon. An exciting time even for those of us who are keeping up only by virtue of Twitter or gaming news sites. Exciting even for those of us who haven’t been logged in for several months. I won’t even … Continue reading

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On not raiding

It’s been over a month since I last raided. Last week, I was thinking that it had been a month, and then I spent the whole week in between then and now trying to figure out how I feel about … Continue reading

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Dear Blizzard Santa

Dear Blizzard Santa, I just wanted to write and “thank” you for the lovely animal carcass balls I received from you this year in Ironforge. I’ll be sure to have a good time pretending to play soccer in game, especially … Continue reading

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and believe me I am still alive

I’m not doing much in the way of science, but I am still alive. I’ve been in a weird place with WoW lately, in that I am playing and enjoying the hell out of the time I have spent playing, … Continue reading

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Rage against the VP cap

After putting in a solid week of being faithful about doing all my dailies every day, I’ve found that’s about enough to hit the VP cap a few days before the weekly reset. I am, much like Lady Catherine De … Continue reading

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This post is a hot mess of disjointed topics

I’ve been meaning to write a few posts since the weekend – and I realize it’s only Tuesday and this isn’t terribly old news or anything like that – but I haven’t been able to separate the two topics from … Continue reading

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Seeking balance

I’ve been wanting to write a post here for a while – well, a few posts, actually – but it just hasn’t happened for various reasons and so now you all get a pointlessly long ramble as I attempt to … Continue reading

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Something happened on the way to the AH…

Okay, full disclosure is that I wasn’t going anywhere. Not the forums nor the AH. I was watching the finale of Downton Abbey‘s first season (I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next season being available) and … Continue reading

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Looking for Guild

I’m officially putting myself on the market. There’s been some developments over the past week that have made the decision to leave the Effers the only real choice for me. It’s a decision tinged with sadness, but I admit to … Continue reading

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Alas, former GM

As I may have mentioned one or two million times before, I’m no longer the GM of Eff the Ineffable. Last Friday was the first time I spent any real amount of time in the game when other people in … Continue reading

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