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Things that have annoyed me recently

My neighbors. There’s the one who insists on believing he is a drummer and gleefully bangs away for an hour or more every night. That shouldn’t be permitted in an apartment-style living situation. Especially if you’re so awful that it sounds … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday, now with less haiku and more rage

Today’s poetry Monday abandons the haiku and goes out to Syl, who said I ought to try a limerick: There once was a guild on Azuremyst Whose GM’s perpetually pissed The movers she would kill! And where she’d stick their … Continue reading

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(Whackadoodle) Stream of Consciousness

Hi everyone! It’s another post not really anything at all to do with WoW, thank you very much, but this is my blog and I’ll write about whatever the devil I want to write about and you can just deal … Continue reading

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Let me tell you the problem with this

Disclaimer: this is a real life rant. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about my real life, feel free to move along. If you like it when I claim to be miserable, read on. So. Temping. It sucks. I … Continue reading

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Sanctioned whining? I’m in!

I hear we get to whine about stuff today and it’s sanctioned. Dude. I spent a whole year venting my spleen and pretty much no one appeared to care. But I was thinking things had been a little too sunshine … Continue reading

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On gathering and ninjas, a rant

Dear WoW-playing community at large: When I farm on my druid, I have to take a no-aggression stance with any mobs that might be nearby. After all, I am leveling her from 80-85 through farming and exploration XP, with only … Continue reading

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As readers know, I recently stepped down as GM of War Within A Breath in order to start a new guild on the same server. I thought I did everything right. I had someone solid to pass the GM title … Continue reading

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Tired of turning the other cheek

Rhii wrote recently that she was looking at joining a raiding guild that has lately lost four officers and she is understandably concerned that perhaps joining that particular guild isn’t the right move. I don’t blame her… even though that … Continue reading

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Mulch my boss, mulch this job!

Hello all – A quick note here just to say hey and give a quick wave. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to write about WoW since I have scarcely been in it since the 7th. Alas and At … Continue reading

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What comes under a Bee Pit rank?

Since 4.0.1, I have been subjected to a whole lot of complaints and general whining that WoW is now too hard (wtf?), people want to stop playing (double wtf?), and we should go back to the dark ages of raiding … Continue reading

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