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Reminder: Self, this is why you don’t pug

I wrote recently about DPS utility. This is something I pride myself on in general: If something needs to stay locked down then it will stay locked down, barring the uncontrollable derp of party members. Effers are typically quite good at respecting … Continue reading

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Yes, count it, 233%

I’ve been a bit sour around here lately regarding the game and the levels of fun and immersion I’ve been having – or not having, as the case may be. But then I found some fun again. Last Thursday, on … Continue reading

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This seems dangerous

Alas finally managed to lay hands on a a new weapon this past weekend and, after getting it enchanted and reforged, wandered off to try to kill more things. Being the stats-centric person that I am, I didn’t really bother … Continue reading

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New hunter, new famous pet

A few days ago I caught a bit of an exchange on Twitter that centered around what rapper names it would be fun to give to hunter pets in WoW. After some extensive research (see: my asking “Who started this … Continue reading

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An Effing Conversation

This is why not even one of us should be allowed to be on drugs. Even prescribed ones.

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I’m not really here

This was just something I really couldn’t wait to share. Sanderson was really down to earth and relaxed and very gracious. It was great to get a chance to meet him and get some books signed. I could gush on … Continue reading

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And Al’Akir makes 12/12

Yeah, Effers finished up the last raiding tier last night. I wasn’t there for Al’Akir, but I had been around for all the others. I’m a bit sad we had to mop it up post-nerf, but not much we can … Continue reading

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To my friend, with thanks

I have a shameful admission. Only it’s not really shameful or an admission. It’s more like happy gloating. Yeah, we’ll call it that. When the new purchasable mount was announced I oohed and I aahhed and then I decided there was pretty … Continue reading

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Alas’ New Treadmill Computer Desk

Hi all, @Ataraxaven here. In case you don’t know who I am, I tank for Alas IRL and in game as her husband :) Just wanted to show off a project that was finished last week for @KissMyAlas, a treadmill computer … Continue reading

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One thing Archaeology is good for

Somewhere in storage I have a frame I am rather fond of. It’s one of those great big ones that allows for two dozen pictures. When I first filled it, I went with the few pictures I had that weren’t … Continue reading

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