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Wherein Alas briefly gets her act together

So I’ve been meaning to write for upwards of a month about Wildstar, the fact that I pre-ordered it, dinked about in a few of the beta weekends and plan to play it for the foreseeable future. Exciting, no? I’m … Continue reading

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Wherein I Have an Announcement

So I say last week that I want to make blogging more a part of my life again and then put up two throwaway posts before falling off the face of the earth for a week. Sounds about right for … Continue reading

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Wherein it becomes even more apparent that I need to get Zel back to playing WoW because she is comedy gold

Conversation1 this afternoon between me and Zel. You guys remember her. She’s freaking hilarious and I miss her snark in the green text that is guild chat. Zel: so the lawyers in your office remind me of my cat when … Continue reading

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Dreams really do come true

Oh, hello there! Everything around here has been on the quiet side lately, hasn’t it? I blame my job. Not the coffee making one, but the one I just recently got. I’ve been super excited about it and have wanted … Continue reading

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Minipost: Stomp this!

I made an¬†inadvertent¬†discovery today1, squawked about it on Twitter and discovered that I was not the only person who didn’t know this before. So. Here we are. Halfhill. The daily in question is called Pest Problems and you have to … Continue reading

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Minipost: A possibly unpopular opinion

Several weeks ago, I saw a bit of a kerfuffle on The Twitters regarding the PvP stage of the legendary quest. I don’t actually recall who was involved in the discussion, so take my recap with a grain of salt. … Continue reading

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quotable quotes

I quote WoW a lot. It seeps into my daily conversation and I often find myself using a line on a coworker or a family member who knows nothing about the game and invariably end up getting funny looks. Especially … Continue reading

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This post is a hot mess of disjointed topics

I’ve been meaning to write a few posts since the weekend – and I realize it’s only Tuesday and this isn’t terribly old news or anything like that – but I haven’t been able to separate the two topics from … Continue reading

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Thoughts on MoP

With all my spare moments of late having gone to actually experiencing MoP, I am well behind the general curve of writing about it. That’s okay. If I were ever topical and timely, I think the world would end. As … Continue reading

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Something happened on the way to the AH…

Okay, full disclosure is that I wasn’t going anywhere. Not the forums nor the AH. I was watching the finale of Downton Abbey‘s first season (I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next season being available) and … Continue reading

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