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Chapter 18 – on raiding and humiliation

Chapter 18 Till Elizabeth joined the raid for ICC, and looked in vain for Mr. Wickham among the cluster of Death Knights there assembled, a doubt of his being present had never occurred to her. The certainty of meeting him … Continue reading

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Nothing here today

Thank God it worked out for my guest post over at Pugging Pally to go up today. Go check it out!

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Life as a gm: /cast [target=self] STFU

One of the (many) things I have learned in being a GM is that it demands a lot of self-censorship and self-control. As a GM, I no longer have the right to free speech because if I say the wrong … Continue reading

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Dear Self

This was inspired and frankly ripped off from Amber of I Like Bubbles. Upon reading her post, At and I looked at each other and got thoughtful about the things we would tell our Level 1 selves if we could. … Continue reading

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On the taming of MiniTam

Like many men, MiniTam had some initial issues with the idea of commitment. Even though he knew as well as I did that it was love at first sight, the idea of settling down with one hunter was such that … Continue reading

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Emo Monday

Cataclysm. We finally have a release date and all I can think is that I have some headaches around the corner. Well, headaches, and that I better make some big efforts in the coming weeks to do everything I want … Continue reading

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The consequences of drinking (and of listening to Yngwe)

I mentioned a few days ago that I was dealing with some painful things in game. It’s still hard to talk about it, so I’m going to simply state that Esyllt got drunk at Brewfest and made some big decisions … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

I can organize damn near anything. It’s true. What’s more, I like organizing things. It gives me a sense of control and a feeling of efficiency. One of my personal beliefs is that I am far better at bringing order … Continue reading

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Wait, what

I got an odd notion this weekend. One that involved At, Azzah (who was visiting) and me rolling rogues. The plan was to level to 10 and then start inflicting ourselves on PVP queues. Since we were all pretty hard … Continue reading

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Bite size buffet

Against my better judgment, I took DinoTam out with me to help do the little we’re allowed to participate in for the retaking of Gnomer. It was all complaints about how we never go anywhere warm anymore right up until … Continue reading

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