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Wait, do we need any Effing officers?

A few months ago, as you might recall, Eff the Ineffable moved to a structure where we brought in officer-type positions in order to help ease the burdens of a guild grown suddenly larger. Two months down the road, we … Continue reading

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Pardon me while I learn to not give a fuck

I’ve been putting off writing this post for quite a few months. It could turn out to be quite a ramble, so here’s the TL;DR in advance: I’m taking a break from this whole blogging thing… and the twitter thing. … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday, now with less haiku and more rage

Today’s poetry Monday abandons the haiku and goes out to Syl, who said I ought to try a limerick: There once was a guild on Azuremyst Whose GM’s perpetually pissed The movers she would kill! And where she’d stick their … Continue reading

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Spilling over

Anyone following me on Twitter and paying the slightest attention yesterday will want to skip this and yawn and ignore the reprise. Hey, I’m still happy and not much can spoil my mood! Anyhow, the first bits of good news … Continue reading

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Math and Science

I’m whining through the fine medium of bad MSPaint today. Deal with it. I’m all emotional and shit.   This is me wondering where the hell the third picture is getting off to when I hit publish: ???WTF???? Thanks to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How Real Life has made me a Better Raider

Yngwe here. For those of you that don’t know me, I am one of the few raiders in Eff the Ineffable who does not blog. I am in EtI because I have been raiding with Alas and At for the … Continue reading

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Manufactured lies and drama

I was recently speaking to one of the several people with whom I am still friendly who are in my former guild. During the chat, it came up that another person who is still in the former guild but with … Continue reading

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As readers know, I recently stepped down as GM of War Within A Breath in order to start a new guild on the same server. I thought I did everything right. I had someone solid to pass the GM title … Continue reading

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There is no QQ in “team”

The longer I do this GM/Raid Leader thing, the more convinced I am that a guild needs only two rules or guidelines to cover their bases. The first is the ever popular DBAD – or Don’t Be A Dick rule. … Continue reading

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The consequences of drinking (and of listening to Yngwe)

I mentioned a few days ago that I was dealing with some painful things in game. It’s still hard to talk about it, so I’m going to simply state that Esyllt got drunk at Brewfest and made some big decisions … Continue reading

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