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Engineers. What a bunch of bastards.

One of the best things about having parked my boatload of baby alts in the Shrine is that they usually get a chance to be the toon to talk to the Blingtron 4000 and have a chance at getting 5 … Continue reading

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Hitting a snag

Project QuATT is giving me problems. Outland is a major pain in my ass just at the moment. Getting Hellfire squared away is easy enough, and I had no issues there. Ditto for Zangarmarsh. Terokkar was a bit more of … Continue reading

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A peppy message of hate

So, At and I have been marathoning Grey’s Anatomy lately. I blame my sister for getting me into it. While we watch, At farms ore and I’ve been spending time getting back to work on my massive cross stitch project … Continue reading

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and believe me I am still alive

I’m not doing much in the way of science, but I am still alive. I’ve been in a weird place with WoW lately, in that I am playing and enjoying the hell out of the time I have spent playing, … Continue reading

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As many of you will know, I used to be the GM of a little guild called Eff the Ineffable (and before that War Within a Breath). When I burned out on WoW in general and Cataclysm in particular, I ended up … Continue reading

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Three years. Sort of.

If you ignore that I took a break (or tried to quit you this blog), it’s been three years that I’ve been blogging here. Sort of. Recapping this past year seems a bit silly since I was absent for much of … Continue reading

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Bag and baggage

After my last post, a concerned friend hit me up on gtalk to tell me that I perhaps wasn’t being dodgy enough about my secret location. After all, she had no trouble hunting me down! And indeed, based off the … Continue reading

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Updates and the dumb

I’m yammering about my real life again. Hold the excitement, please. The House Search The great house search of 2012 has born fruit, only a bit more than one week into it. Last night we both fell in love with … Continue reading

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This story begins as many stories do: with the fact that all weather men are liars. I had a week of sunshine promised to me, no precipitation of any sort and I was hopeful that perhaps we were on our … Continue reading

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Wait, do we need any Effing officers?

A few months ago, as you might recall, Eff the Ineffable moved to a structure where we brought in officer-type positions in order to help ease the burdens of a guild grown suddenly larger. Two months down the road, we … Continue reading

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